Are These Guys Tradable?


The Sun-Sentinel yesterday put up an article on the 15 current rostered Miami Dolphins who could be on the roster bubble.  While I won’t dive into who I think is on that bubble…yet, I will take a quick peak at which one/s of these names may or may not be tradable.

First, the players listed:

CB’s – Jason Allen and Evan Oglesby, WR – Patrick Turner, QB – Pat White, LB – Reggie Torbor, OT’s – Andrew Gardner and Lydon Myrtha, LB’s – Erik Walden, J.D. Folsom, and Quentin Moses, DE’s – Lionel Dotson, Ikaika Alama-Francis, and Ryan Baker, RB – Kory Sheets, and TE – John Nalbone.

You can read here what Omar Kelly had to say about each one.

I will start with Jason Allen, the first round bust of one Nick Saban.  Allen has as much trade value as he does as a strong safety.  Which basically means if the Dolphins want to trade him, they will get a 6th or a 7th rounder for him.  Why?  Simple.  He can play special teams.

Jason Allen isn’t going to get cut by Miami and be unemployed from the NFL.  While he has hardly done anything to warrant return compensation, injuries happen which means teams will look for veterans to add depth to their rosters.  Allen is that kind of player.  Will the Dolphins get a return on him?  Not likely, but if they do, don’t expect any more value than that.

Pat White: What an amazing waste of a 2nd round draft pick.  By Bill Parcells no less.  The Phins have 4 QB’s on the roster and unless they somehow find a partner for Tyler Thigpen or pony up a couple mill to move Pennington, Pat White is likely gone unless the Phins keep all 4 which is very hard to believe.

White completed no passes last season and finished the campaign in the hospital after a very nasty hit.  Word is that he doesn’t want to move to the WR spot, which is good because suddenly the Dolphins are stacked at WR.  Perhaps maybe he will change his mind and play for another team at WR if he is given the chance.

For White though, Miami suddenly is too crowded for him.  I wouldn’t suspect anything more than a 5th or a 6th in return for the W. Va. product.

Patrick Turner: Believe it or not, Turner may hold the most value for the Dolphins of these players listed.  He has yet to get on the field to show he can’t play and because WR’s take a little longer to develop, it’s not out of the question that another team may look at his size and think they can invest the time.  While he isn’t going net anything grand, a 5th rounder or a high 6th may get him moved.  And the Dolphins should be happy with that if they intend on simply cutting him.

After those 3 the entire group becomes un-tradable.  The best the Dolphins could hope for would be to move a pair in a deal that nets them something similar to the trade they brokered with KC last season that sent two players to the Chiefs in return for a 6th rounder.