The Next Star: Writers Update


O.k. late last night I put up an article letting our readers know that I am currently looking for two new writers for this site. I figured I would get a few submissions.  Instead, I have about 30 and it hasn’t been one day yet.  Needless to say, there are a lot of opinionated Dolphins fans out there (or they just don’t like me as a writer and can do better…maybe both).  Which is a good thing!!!

So here is what I have decided to do.  Instead of me making a decision I will leave it up to the ones who matter the most.  You!  As in…OUR READERS!

What a perfect way to spend our off-season.  Starting this week.  We will run a contest that will last 3 weeks.  Each of our submissions will then be graded by our readers and our current staff.  Here is how it will work.

I will post the articles that I have submitted to me…and yes I will be reading them and some will not make the cut.  This is a serious gig as I want good content writers who will represent this site well.

Each article will have a poll attached to the bottom where our readers can vote on the quality of the opinion.  The article can be about anything Miami Dolphins related but must be an original submission and NOT something already posted somewhere else.  No ad’s or links allowed either.  I will not “SPELL CHECK” your articles so that will also play a part in this.

Each day may have 1 or more articles posted so check back often.  I will NOT post anyones name on the article.  I will us only initials that are supplied.  Know this as well.  If an article receives an unfavorable poll, that will not necessarily eliminate the writer.  In this type of business, it’s often a good thing when your ridiculed and frankly, you need some think skin.

At the end of 3 weeks, we will take the top submissions and pit them against each other where I will name the next 2, maybe even 3 writers for the site to join Shane, Patrik, and myself.  As a new writer you will have a bio added to our “ABOUT” page and you will be given access to the site as a staff writer.

We use “WordPress” here so having experience with WP will help in the end.

If you have already submitted an article, you will need to re-submit a new one.  So that you can do so with the contest in mind.

Give us your best!!!