Writer’s Submission: Number 5 & Number 6


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By: ZS

In this day and age of the NFL, teams are required to have either dominant passing attacks or stellar running games consisting of two or more backs in order to be successful, and the question I pose to you is: What kind of offense will this year’s Miami Dolphins team become in 2011?

As I view the team today, I feel that they can be considered either one. They have the personnel to have both a great aerial assault and rushing attack to match. With the addition of top-dog receiver Brandon Marshall, Chad Henne and his rocket arm are looking forward to a breakout season, not to mention the secondary receivers and tight ends that will be getting less attention now. On the other hand, Ronnie Brown is looking for his second 1,000 yard season in his injury-plagued career to prove he’s worth signing following this year, while Ricky Williams is looking to build on his resurgence back to significance after his fifth 1,000 yard season of his career. Both backs look like they’re ready for a full, injury-free season.

Over the past handful of years, the Dolphins were supposed to have been a ‘run-first and keep running until they stop us’ team. But as a fan, the last two years, if not longer, have seemed like it was more of a ‘run in the first half and pass the whole second half’ team, mostly due to the fact that the team was playing from behind in the second half of almost every week. With that being said, it hasn’t been that bad of a game plan considering the 18–14 record over that time span.

I honestly believe the Phins, even with all of the hype this offseason has brought on, are still an underrated offense that will surprise many people. Think about it, almost every great offensive team in the league like the Colts, Patriots, and Saints are superior in one category of offense (passing for these few), but imagine a team with a promising young quarterback to say the least, a dominant receiver like Marshall, two Pro-Bowl caliber running backs in Brown and Williams, and a top-five offensive line. I see a great, yet still up-and-coming offense that should, theoretically, be considered one of the league’s best.

Therefore, the real questions are: How will Dan Henning, the offensive coordinator, use his weapons? Will he use the run to set up the pass or vice versa? Is he willing to stray from his ingrained run-first, then pass mentality for a more balanced attack?

Submission Number 6:

By:  AH

A better offense will help the Dolphins defense more than an upgrade at safety will.  Why?  Well, why do teams kick a field goal on 4th & goal?  Why do teams usually run a draw on 3rd & 20?  They do it for field position and out of RESPECT!  Respect not just for their opponent’s defense, but also for their offense.  Obviously teams didn’t respect either one of Miami’s last year.

Teams respected the Dolphins running game, ranked 4th over all, last year. The passing game is where Miami lost their respect from other teams.  Even though their passing ranked 20th ,over all, they only had 29 passes over 20 yards, only 4 over 40 yards, and averaged only 6.2 yards a catch. That was only better than one other team last year, the Cleveland Browns.   If your opponent doesn’t respect your defense and isn’t scared of your “Quick Strike” offense you have a problem. That is what happened last year to the Miami Dolphins.  Teams would throw the ball on 3 & 20 and they would go for it on 4 and goal .

Sure, a great safety would help the defense, no question.  The question is how do they know if the safety they get will be great?  Is there a guarantee that a rookie will be great day one, or even week 8 for that matter?  Can the Dolphins count on a high priced FA being great in a new defensive scheme?  Would teams all of the sudden RESPECT the entire defense because of a new safety?  The answer is NO! What they can count on is Brandon Marshall making our offense better.  Every defensive coordinator knows how Brandon Marshall can change a game. They know, and RESPECT, his height, weight, speed, and passing stats (by the way he had 4 catches over 40 yards himself last year).

Respect for the Dolphins defense this year will be determined after a few games.  But, respect for the “Quick Strike” offense has already gone way up!  With Henne entering his third year (almost second as full time starter) and Brandon Marshall to compliment the great running game its SAFETY … I mean safe to say our offense is better and DEMANDS more RESPECT.  I believe the Dolphins defense will see more draws on third & long and more field goals / punts on 4th down this year.  Remember a little RESPECT goes a long way!