The Marino Submission: Number 13…& Updates


A few updates before we get started today.

Ronnie Brown was on the bicycle most of the day as he had one of two screws removed from his foot.  It’s a good sign as recovery seems to be going well.  The other screw will not be removed and will remain in his foot holding bone together.

Brandon Marshall ran a couple of routes while lined up in the 1st WR spot.  He did not practice for the entire scheduled day however, he said to the media afterwards that he is ahead of schedule and will be ready for training camp.  He and Chad Henne have a lot of timing issues to get down.

We move things along today with Submission number 13…The Dan Marino Submission if you will.  So why not have a QB themed article?

By J.H.

Miami’s Next Great Quarterback

As a Dolphan in his late 20’s, I was spoiled. I got to watch the greatest quarterback of all time suit up every Sunday for the greatest sports franchise in the world.  Since the great Daniel Constantine Marino retired, we’ve suffered through our share of abysmal quarterbacks. I look back at Dan and ahead to, who I believe is our next great quarterback, Chad Steven Henne. I hope this article leaves all my fellow Dolphans with the same level of optimism as I have.

Dan Marino was the complete QB, rocket armed, agile enough to move around in the pocket, very accurate, and of course the fastest release ever. He also was a leader, commanding the huddle and assuming complete control of the offense. While he may have never won the big one (though no fault of his own), I remember countless a Sunday watching Dan shoulder the entire offensive load, picking apart teams that knew we were throwing. They would drop 8 into coverage and Marino would carve their db’s up like a Thanksgiving turkey.  Since Dan retired, we’ve suffered though (this list hurts my soul) Fiedler, Huard, Lucas, Griese,  Rosenfels, Feeley,  Frerotte, Culpepper (ouch), Harrington, Lemon, Green, Beck, Pennington, Thigpen, White……and Chad Henne.

Henne, a PA native like Marino and myself, stands out in that group. Sure, we’ve been led to believe that we FINALLY had someone to carry on the Dolphin QB legacy, but, I think we may have found that someone. Henne was a four year starter at UM. He was the first true freshman to start at QB for Michigan since 1975. He was the second highest rated QB recruit in his class, behind only Brian Brohm.  Now on to the most important thing, what I’ve seen as a Dolphin. I’ve seen almost every game since 1999, and Henne is the first QB that makes me feel like we could hit a home run on any play. He made average players look great at times (I refuse to say his name but he now is a WR for the 49ers, I call him 19). He has the pedigree and work ethic to be just what Miami needs.

This offseason the BIG THREE went out and got Henne a playmaker, Brandon “The Beast” Marshall. It’s exciting to know that on every down our offense could hang six on the scoreboard. I feel a level of anticipation I haven’t felt since Dan was QB. I know Henne is still learning, but I think the sky is the limit for the kid from Wyomissing, PA. This year the AFC East championship will be back in South Beach; in large part because, FINALLY, Miami has its next great quarterback!!