Miami’s Lack Of Running Back History


Bob Griese, Dan Marino, Earl Morral, hell even Don Strock, David Woodley and Jay Fiedler.  They are names we recognize immediately when we think about the history of the Miami Dolphins QB position.  The same could be said about our Safeties, LB’s, DE’s, and our lineman.  But what about running backs? Do they elicit a historical buzz of names?

Larry Csonka and Jim Kiick for sure.  Mercury Morris as well.  Then there is, well, there is, hmmmm?  Buehler?

The fact is that the Miami Dolphins used to be a very good running team.  Way back in the day.  But during the Marino campaign the Dolphins never had a legit running back that could carry the load.  Try as they may.  A few names will pop up and of course fans will throw out Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown.  But outside of someone like Tony Nathan, is there a history of great even good runners?  I don’t think so.

The Dolphins pride themselves these days on being a bulldozing force from the tailback position.  Look no further than 4th down and Lousaka Polite.  While Ronnie Brown is a good runner, he is hardly a great one.  While Ricky Williams is a great runner, he is hardly historic.

In our sites forums, Southbeach brought up a good question earlier when he asked if Ricky Williams should someday be an addition to the “Ring of Honor”.  He is after all 2nd on the teams all-time rushing list behind Csonka for most yards in franchise history.  Does that make him a lock for that honor?  Does it eliminate the tarnished years of suspensions and quitting on the team?  Should that matter at all?

The truth is the Miami Dolphins, outside of Larry, Merc, and Jim, don’t have a historical running back but instead of had solid seasonal contributors.  Sammy Morris had a decent “season” once.  How about Lamar Smith, Delvin Williams, and Andra Franklin.  Do you even recognize those names?  Who else would you put on that list?

Does Ricky Williams deserve a spot on the “Ring of Honor”?

I have to believe that next year the Miami Dolphins will make yet another attempt to find a future star at the position when the draft rolls around.  Of course, with the historical drafting of Bill Parcells, yearly contributors may be all we get.