Submission: 18


By: B.M.

Are the Jets really the powerhouse of the AFC East?

The NFL season is still months away but of course everyone is already
splurging all over blogs about who will win every division.  Not in good
taste in my opinion since almost every year they are absoultely wrong.
Every team is different every year, even if they bring back every single
starter and are being run by the same coaches and staff. The general
consensus is that the New York Jets are going to be the top team in the east
with a record of somewhere around 12-4 because of all the off-season
acquisitions.  Yes they are absolutely stacked on defense but really what
has changed for them on offense?

So they went out and got Santonio Holmes, yet another troubled receiver to
join Braylon Edwards.  Honest I don’t think he will prosper as he did in
Pittsburg with young Mark Sanchez tossing to him.  Sanchez showed plenty of
times last year that when he was forced to throw more than 15 times a game
that he was turnover prone and showed his inexperience.  Although I’m sure
he will improve I still see him throwing some balls away in 2010 since he
hardly had to throw the ball last year.  You also have to remember that
since the Jets lucked into the playoffs and played well to get to the AFC
championship game, they will have a much tougher schedule.  A revenge hungry
Cincinatti, Minnesota, Green Bay, Baltimore are a few teams that they will
meet along with playing our tough divison.  Sanchez might find himself
falling to Baltimore’s rabid defense or being stalked by Mr. Mullet Jared
Allen from Minnesota.  Now lets turn to their running game.l

Anyone with half a brain knows that the Jets relied on their running game to
do pretty much everything for them.  Thomas Jones had a stellar year but
they let him slip away to free agency?  Shonn Greene came on late but Jones
was the work horse for most of the season but they let him go without much
of a fight.  Yes they signed LT but everyone knows he has started to show
his age and I can easily see him having a lackluster year.  Everyones quick
argument will be that their offensive line will make just about any running
back look good.  Yes they are very good but injuries happen all year long in
the trenches, defenses will figure you out, and you will have to rely more
on your sketchy passing attack.

Analysts also seem to forget that this is the AFC East.  Anytime these teams
suit up to play each other it’s anyones game.  No matter who has the worst
record, who everyone says is the more talented team, where the game is, it
is always a toss up.  If you don’t believe me go watch the Monday night
classic last year between the Jets and the Dolphins, or the come from behind
win the Dolphins had in South Florida over the Patriots.  Everyone seems to
be on the Jets bandwagon.  If you ask this wanna be writer I say the
division is as open for the taking.