Revis Surely On His Own Island


The media calls it “Revis Island”.  A respectful way of stating that Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets is simply that good.  So good in fact that he may be the best cornerback in the entire NFL.  Now, it appears that Revis not only plays like he is on his own island but lives on one as well.

According to a report from Newsday the NY Jets star DB is not happy that the Jets are willing to give him the highest paid deal ever paid out to a member of the defensive secondary.  100 million dollars.  Yes, 100 million.  The same figure that Albert Haynesoworth stole from the Washington Redskins.

The problem?  Revis doesn’t want it.  He wants to be paid as the highest DB per season.  Currently that is held by Nnamdi Asomugha and his 3 year deal worth 45.3 million.  What does that mean?  Revis wants more than 16 million a year.

Revis Island is an interesting place these days.  Revis reported to off-season mini-camps and abruptly took a seat and watched the rest of the team as he staged a contract “sit-in” two days ago.

The Jets will have to decide what they will do with Revis who is obviously not above holding out and has valued himself far above that of the team.  While he says that he won’t stage another coup at practice, apparently after having a sit down with HC Rex Ryan, no new contract, will likely leave Revis on his island.

Revis is scheduled to make around 1 million dollars as he enters year 4 of his rookie deal.  Revis however isn’t the only problem facing the NY Jets.  Overspending and high-profile, high-priced free agents are starting to catch up with the team.  Factor in a slew of round 1 picks who will become free agents shortly and the team could be dismantled in the three years if they don’t start getting creative.

D’Brikashaw Ferguson is currently re-negotiating a longer deal with the team…that’s not going to be cheap.  Newsday also reports that Nick Mangold and the team are very far apart on a new deal and that the team may simply franchise him next season.  Then there is the contracts of LB’s David Harris who will be free agent in the next two seasons, a back loaded contract to Calvin Pace, and last years pick-up Bart Scott.

Then there are the contributing players that play supporting roles.

What does all this add up to?  A big mess for the NY Jets.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer team.  I say give Revis 17 million a year for 6 years and guarantee 90 percent of it.  Then let him sit on his island and let Brandon Marshall vacation there two times a year!