And The Winners Are…


Two weeks, 21 articles posted, 23 articles dismissed early, over 1400 combined votes officially, and some really great comments.  All of this added up to what I believe has been a spectacular showing of Miami Dolphins “Phandom”.

The dedication that our readers have to this site is awesome.  So thank you to all.

I want to tell you that the additions being made to the site today will go a long way to enhance our coverage of the team and it’s players and staff.   In order to come up with a winner the process on the surface seemed complicated to some of you but was simple for me.

I used the votes to get a good barometer of how the readers felt about an article, then I used the comments to drive that.  Meaning, if comments were good, I put a lot of stock into what was being said and how the writer handled criticism.  Then, the current staff and myself read and re-read the articles and narrowed the field to about 10.

We then went back and followed the same procedure again, relying heavily on your comments and votes.  When it got to the final 5, I made the final decision based on who I believed would bring the energy and dedication to the site.

Now, I am pleased to announce the new writers to

In no particular order:

The winners are:

Chris Leeuw: Article number 17

Chris did a fine job with his article and will now turn his attentions to covering the offensive side of the ball here.  Chris also has a BA in Broadcast Journalism.

Bert Smith: Article number 3

Covering the defensive side of the ball, Bert used his article submission to touch on that side as well.    You can find out more on Bert, and the others in our “ABOUT” menu option later this week.

Bruce Lamb:  Article number 12

Bruce is a lifelong fan as well and will now cover our coaches, management, and special teams unit.  In addition to positive comments from the readers, Bruce received strong comments from our staff as well.

Mike Kriegel aka Indascreet: Article number 16

Mike Kriegel will add a different coverage to our team.  A Broward County man, Trieger is a season ticket holder who will report from pre and post game parties from the stadium, special team and player events that he attends, and basically becomes our local guy to cover the team and be our eyes and ears of South Florida.

Aron Sloly:

Aron was not a member of the contest although he did submit an article for it.  I immediately added him to the staff.  He is my choice because of the unique perspective that he brings.  Aron lives in Northern England and will be our UK guy.  Bridging the gap across the pond, Aron will contribute  “This week in History” style articles on the team and keep us all abreast of what’s going on in the UK while also introducing us to other UK Dolphins fans as well.

All in all, I think this group represents what we strive for here.  A dedication to the Miami Dolphins to bring news and information to the fans of the ONLY undefeated FULL SEASON professional football team.  Sorry NE but you choked.

Thanks again to all of you who submitted articles and to all of you who took the time to comment, vote, and read them!

Brian Miller