Prayers To Chris Leeuw

Over the summer we ran a contest to find new staff writers. Thanks to your help, we found 5 great ones. One of those writers is Chris Leeuw. Chris immediately jumped in and took over our offense coverage of the Miami Dolphins and did a wonderful job. Today however, he is in an Indiana rehab center fighting for a return to his normal life.

Two weeks ago this Sunday, Chris was in a terrible accident that left him with a broken C-4 C-5 vertebrae.  He was in surgery almost immediately to fuse his neck together.  After an arduous week of ups and downs, Chris was moved to his rehab facility where he is now undergoing the grueling process of trying to regain simple motor functions.  Chris at the moment is mostly paralyzed from the shoulders down.

There is some good news in all of this.  He is able to now move his right leg a little bit, his wrists, and other minor muscles and he was informed that his fracture was not a complete fracture but a partial which means that with a lot of work he may someday beat this.  What he needs now is support.  COMPLETE support.  And that’s where we come in.

Chris is a part of the Fan Sided Network family but more importantly he is a part of the family.

Words of support and encouragement are needed from every angle.  Whether you read this blog as a Miami Dolphins fan or read this as a fan of another team.  Chris’ family and friends have set up a daily journal that chronicles his road to recovery and I urge all of you to take a moment each day to follow it.  Why?  Two reasons.  One, it will show Chris that we all care and two, it will make you realize how much those around you mean to you and how quickly things can change.

To follow Chris’ progress and leave him words of encouragement (let him know you’re a Phins fan), simply click this link to Caring Bridge.

Let Chris know you miss him and you’re behind him.

All of us here at miss Chris’ contributions and can’t wait for the day he publishes his first article after this hiccup in his life.