FanVision…It’s Everything You Want From Home…In The Stadium


Two weeks ago I participated in a commercial filming at Sun Life Stadium.  The commercial centered around the new “FanVision” gadget that will roll out this season at the stadium.  What I got to do was test this product out first hand and when the long 6 hours of filming came to a conclusion, I walked away impressed.  The first units will be available to season ticket holders only and they will be shipped in the first week of September so if you are one of the lucky ones, keep an eye out for it.

What is it?

Well, it’s everything you have at home and more.  At home, you get to watch the replays on TV, you get to follow your fantasy leagues, you get to keep updated on what’s going on around the league.  FanVision gives you that as well from your seats at the stadium and from the parking lot.  Here are some features of the product and what I thought about them as I used it.

  • Cheerleader cam – yes, you heard me right.  A personalized camera let’s you get a full view of the cheerleaders as they perform on the sideline so you never have to miss a jump, kick, or pom pom shake.  And while your staring into your little 4.5 inch HD monitor, you will likely miss a few plays.  No worries.
  • Replay at your finger tips – If you fall into the above category, you can call up your own replay of what you missed.  In fact, you can do so from different angles.
  • Angles – unlike sitting at home being directed by some producer in a truck, you control what you see.  You can choose different angles to watch the play and you can also opt for what they call a “QB cam”.  At the time, I really didn’t see much of that angle because the Tampa game was not activated that evening as they continue to roll it out.  But it sounded really cool.
  • Fantasy football – This was the one item that I found to be the best option.  As a FF’er, I like to know what is going on with my team and “FanVision” allowed me to put in 10 players from my team and set a real time alert for their scoring.  So basically, I didn’t miss a single scoring update for my league team.  Honestly, it was one of the best features I found on the product but again, I really get into fantasy football.
  • Follow the other games.  You can select a game from any team and follow the scoring and information from the game.  While I am not sure if you get to watch the games…I don’t believe that is a feature, a completely live updated program gives you scoring as it happens from anywhere in the league.

All in all FanVision was an impressive product and I think that this is something that has a ton of potential.  It’s easy to use, my 6 year old son participated and was able to figure out the basic controls.  It’s basically a personal TV, camera, and production studio in the palm of your hand.

Just don’t forget that the live game is in front of you.