Yep, I Was Slacking


So the Miami Dolphins have trimmed their roster to the NFL mandated 53…have filled in their practice squad, dumped some more players, placed one on IR, and added some off the waiver wire, all this in a day and a half. Where was I? Slacking off on Isle Of Palms, SC with a beer checking out the scenery. Sorry, but Labor Day is the last vestige of summer time with the family and that took precedence over what the Dolphins were doing. O.k. not really, my wife made me go!

So let’s get caught up a little bit here. I will tell you what and then I will tell you either why or my opinion on it. Maybe all three!

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Will Allen: The Dolphins placed Allen on IR ending his season and likely his career with Miami. The Dolphins won’t take a risk next season so you can bank it that when he is healthy, he will be cut. Allen didn’t want to be put on IR but the Dolphins felt that his return was far from certain. Unfortunately for Miami, I tend to agree with Allen on this one. Why not put him on the PUP list and make him sit for the first half of the season and then take another look?

GONE: The final cuts came and went but the day after spelled doom for a couple more. Marques Douglas and Charles Grant were released. Both players were signed shortly after the news came out that Phillip Merling would miss the season. Both performed well during camp but age and salary may have played a part in the decision. Plus the Phins needed to add some meat on the offensive line so the vacancies were needed. To me, these guys were back-ups that added depth and I don’t think the Phins necessarily hurt their depth by releasing them. Not sure if I like the guys they signed, but eh, what are you going to do.

Bobby Carpenter: The Dolphins brass have been trying to get the ex-Dallas LB on the team since they came over from Dallas. Today, they added the recently released St. Louis Ram to the team. Carp isn’t going to knock heads on defense but he will provide some depth to the corp and at the same time contribute to the special teams where he actually plays rather well. I like this move. Carp isn’t going to ever make the pro-bowl but you need guys that your coaches know and can rely on. Carp knows what they expect and will give it to them. His special teams play will go well with the addition of Benny Sapp.

Charlie Anderson: The Dolphins have released Anderson after they signed Bobby Carpenter.

Sean Smith vs. Jason Allen: It appears that Jason Allen has won the starting job. Or is it a wake up demotion for Smith? Either way, Jason Allen has turned enough heads to put his name on the final 53 man roster and now Sean Smith on the bench. I don’t think anyone has been more disappointing that Sean Smith. I think his issues are his alone. Part ego and part trying to hard. Smith opened his mouth prior to TC and Brand Marshall shut him up on day 1. It’s been all downhill from there. Wake up call? Not sure but he better be answering it if it is.

Practice Squad: The Phins will likely tweak this unit here and there all season long. For now, WR Julius Pruitt, LB’s Chris McCow and Austin Spitler, S Jonathan Amaya, G Rey Feinga, and DE Ryan Baker all make the squad. They comprise the 6 players from the Dolphins training camp roster. The Phins have also added TE Nathan Overbay to the team. Overbay will be that “speller” that Tony Sparano spoke of needing for practices. The guy who takes reps so the other two can rest. He is 6-5 270 and was in camp with the Denver Broncos.

The 4 Lineman & Jake Long: Jake Long isn’t practicing but is wearing a knee brace. That’s not good news. The good news is that he is riding the stationary bike and no tests have come back positive. Long has apparently sprained his knee. A little time off it will help it get better. He says he still expects to play against Buffalo. Now, the Dolphins got rid of Grant and Douglas for a reason as well as the Will Allen and the release of Cory Proctor, so they could bring in some other bodies for the offensive line.

The two offensive lineman are Jermey Parnell and Joe Reitz and the two defensive lineman are Clifton Geathers and Robert Rose. Clifton Geathers was a draft pick of the Cleveland Browns this past year in the 6th round while the other three were undrafted. It’s odd that they filled roles of veterans. The Dolphins must not of thought too much of Cory Proctor, Grant, and Douglas. Or they think very highly of the starters at those positions. Still, the depth they have created, while young, is not going to go well if they are asked to step up and start.

David Martin: Martin’s release didn’t put him on the unemployment long. He was claimed by the Buffalo Bills. I wonder of this is to pick his brain or because they really want him? Either way, the Dolphins will face him on Sunday.

Patrick Turner: Turner wasn’t unemployed long either. The WR starved NY Jets have claimed the former 3rd rounder in the hopes that he will be able to “get it” at some point. It’s unlikely he will have an impact for them this year. NOTE: Darrell Revis has returned to the team and will sign a new contract.

J.D. Folsom: Folsom was claimed by the Chicago Bears so now he has a new home.

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