The End Of The Miami Dolphins 2010-11 Season

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I wrote last week that the Miami Dolphins could not sleep on the Cleveland Browns. Not only would it end their 2010-11 season early, with even the slimmest chances of making the playoffs out the window, but it would also expose failures in the underbelly of the organization.  All season long I’ve been begging for the firing of offensive coordinator Dan Henning, and I stand by that.  I have been behind quarterback Chad Henne who has been inconsistent too, after coming off his best game as a pro against the Oakland Raiders last week and having arguably his worst game in Sunday’s defeat against the Browns.  This is a team sport and not one player or coach can be entirely blamed, or can they?  Regardless, Miami slept on the Browns and likely kicked themselves out of playoff contention for the season.

Before ranting on, I want to make no bones about what defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has done for the Miami defense.  I haven’t mentioned his name all too much this season because he has done an outstanding job.  He helped Vontae Davis and Sean Smith graduate into top tier NFL cornerbacks.  He has turned Cameron Wake into a sack machine.  His work to do in the off-season is business as usual.

I wish I could say the same about Henning and the Miami offense.  It looks shiny on paper full of big names with one handcuffed quarterback and a record that fits them very well as a so-so team.  The NFL is not a place for so-so teams and certainly does not have a place in the hearts of their fans.  A sure bet is to place blame towards the quarterback.  Henne, who wasn’t as inconsistent in the beginning of the season as he has become since he was benched, may not be the future of the Dolphins especially with broken confidence given to him from his coaches.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that if he was traded to another team with a better offensive coordinator who instilled his confidence in him and a great QB coach who helped him through the up’s and down’s, that he wouldn’t be a star.  I place all my blame on Dan Henning and the Miami organization for letting him coach this offense.