The End Of The Miami Dolphins 2010-11 Season

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Henning plays football like a child fast walking in a relay race holding a spoon with an egg in it, trying to make sure it doesn’t fall and break but still trying to win.  Head coach Tony Sparano backed by the Miami organization, allows him to do this.  They give Henning the benefit of the doubt cause he’s been around the NFL for years and has the experience to back him up.  Fine.  But after three years, his time has come in Miami.   Shame on Sparano for letting him get away with flimsy play calling.    Remember, the play comes through your headset too.

The way Henning has handled the benching of Chad Henne shows a lack of human empathy and proves his selfishness and he should retire for the good of the team and his “legacy.”  What Henning seems to think is that he is right when everyone else is wrong, overriding even what head coach Sparano thinks.  He thinks Henne is an inexperienced quarterback, so he takes away his privileges of what it actually means to be a quarterback, including calling any audible at the line.  He made an impressive and scary Miami running game look non-existent and then blamed it on Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.  Henning, now we’re pointing the finger at you.

The AFC is not getting any less competitive and I’m not getting any younger.  The emergence of the New York Jets with an up-in-coming quarterback and coach proves it.  The Dolphins organization needs to put the right coaches and players in place to compete against top caliber NFL teams.  Being third in the AFC East and 15th or something or other, in the NFL is not acceptable.  Henning is no longer a credible offensive coordinator.  I know people feel that same way about Chad Henne, so who’s next?

A note to the Miami organization:  There’s nothing left to lose for the rest of this season.  Show us fans that you know how to run a stinkin football team.

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