Rex Ryan’s Wife In Videos


There are certain things that I have prided myself in since becoming the writer on this site five years ago.  I don’t swear or let my emotions dictate what I write.  I rarely post articles about losses immediately following the games unless I can be completely unemotional in my observations.

While at times I will pimp a product and sell out to the man, I will also at times fall prey to the celebrity bug and post non-football related material that has to do with death or national news.  I even post articles each year commemorating the loss of John Lennon.

This new bit of news has me somewhat perplexed and I’m not sure if I should post it or leave it alone.

It appears that NY Jets HC Rex Ryan and his wife enjoy making “foot fetish” videos.  Link on page 2.

Now, honestly, here is where I am torn.  I don’t like Rex Ryan and I don’t respect him.  Any chance I have to make fun of the Jets I will usually do.  But this is a private family matter that apparently they made public when they opted to upload the videos to Youtube.  So does that make poking fun at them fair game?  Does that grant me not so much permission to post them here, but a pass for showing a little less taste than usual?

We all tend to slow down as we pass a traffic accident, it’s human nature, and when it comes to the Jets, it’s almost always a traffic accident.  So what I have decided to do is this, post a link to the videos on Deadspin.  This way you can travel over there and view them yourself and in doing so, take away any feeling of responsibility I have or feel for bringing this up.

No, this is not Dolphins related and to be honest, I doubt there is any other NFL team aside from the New England Patriots that I would have even made reference to this kind of topic.  But it is Rex Ryan and that means it’s the Jets.  When asked about this, Rex Ryan only said, “It’s a persona matter”. In other words, yes, that is my wife and my voice in the videos.  For what it’s worth, the first video is a textbook lessen in bad acting, it’s actually quite funny…the rest, well let’s just say I didn’t bother watching but about 5 seconds of the second video on the page.