Some Quotes From The Week


Surely there is more to being a head coach in the NFL than talking to the media, game planning, and sticking up for your offensive coordinators when times are tough. Where Dan Henning took his podium time last week to toss a number 7 jersey under an oncoming bus of fan hatred, Tony Sparano decided to support his OC and in some ways validate the opinions of Henning regarding Henne by not calling out the OC.

Sparano of course does not do that, regardless of the situation. He handles the matters in house and only with those parties that it involves. He has not and will not push or throw someone under a bus but instead will jump in front of it first. All that aside, his approach to the game has left many fans in doubt about his ability to coach and the silence from Stephen Ross regarding the future of Sparano and Ireland could be taken as both a supportive and non-supportive approach.

While we all sift through the myriad of talk out there, I have found these gems out of South Florida that may help you make up your mind…if it isn’t already.

Quote 1:

This is a Tony Sparano quote regarding the reason for not trying “Hail Mary” passes at the end of the final two losses.

"“If you watch the Green Bay Packers against the Washington Redskins the week before that,” Sparano said, “they threw a Hail Mary up and No. 38 for Green Bay intercepted it in the end zone and he ran it all the way back and slipped and fell — wasn’t tackled, slipped and fell on the 19-yard line going in. If he scores a touchdown there, then you’re going to ask me why I threw the Hail Mary and why I didn’t take a knee.”"

Come to your own conclusions please.

Quote 2:

Chad Henne talks about the season and the offensive issues.

"“If they’re giving us the right coverages, and we’re in sync and everybody is executing the right way, we can be that kind of team. I can be that kind of player.”"

Ummmm, the NFL won’t give you the right coverages Chad.  But just so no one feels slighted about my “support” of Henne, maybe it’s not the right coverages for the play that is called by Henning when you can’t audible…there that should tick off at least one reader.

Quote 3:  These following quotes come from the Rooney family that formerly employed Bill Cowher for 15 years.  They are in regards to Cowher coaching again, and specifically the Miami Dolphins should the vacancy come open.  These quotes are from the Palm Beach Post.

"“His kids are older now, so I think Bill probably has some time now on his hands to think about getting back into coaching,” said Rooney’s son, Pat Rooney Jr., Cowher’s occasional golf partner and a newly-elected member of the Florida legislature. “He’s probably got a lot left in the tank.”"

"Rooney Sr., who sold his share of the Steelers after the 2008 season, said that Cowher likely will want a situation where he can “be his own guy,” meaning if Cowher does come to Miami, general manager Jeff Ireland probably won’t stick around."

"Rooney Sr, also hopes he comes to Miami, “Oh, heck yeah,” he said. “Absolutely, I’d love that.”Rooney Sr. also said, “I always heard that he wanted a team that had a quarterback, so that reduces his options a little bit.”"

Quote 4:  This is from Tony Sparano and another by Chad Henne regarding the Wild Cat play called at the end of the game against Buffalo that set up the missed FG from 48 yards.

"“We were trying to score, and that was a good play for us,” coach Tony Sparano said when asked about the call. “(We) thought that was a good play, and that was it.”"

Tony was right.  It “Was” a good play…2 years ago when 31 other teams had no clue how to stop it.

"“That’s the coach’s decision. They make the call, and if they feel they can run something with the Wildcat and make positive yards, we’ll do that.”"

Chad Henne fails to say, “that play really sucks and sucks the life out of the offense.”  Henne has reportedly told his coaches that he hates coming out of the games so they can run the WC.  If true, the coaches haven’t listened.

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