A Dear John Letter


Let me start with a big, “HAPPY NEW YEAR, ONE AND ALL”

I wanted to wait till our last game before I put anything on here, as some of you probably know, I’ve tried to stay positive throughout this trying season. But now I feel it’s time to change, so I have written Tony Sparano a Dear John letter.

Dear  Tony,

I don’t know if  this is a surprise to you, but I wanted to do this without upsetting you too much! It breaks my heart but it’s over! I really wanted it to work, even with five games to go I thought if things went our way we would have been ok, but alas, it was not to be! I really wanted Chad to be the Man, wanted him to show out the last three games, but he seemed to deteriorate (badly), yes I’m blaming you for this as well. As for the Dan Henning fiasco, well I always knew what he meant to you and understood his job was to come in and help you, and I dealt with your need to keep him around, even though I secretly disliked him, (he was never going to light it up, but to help manage things till you found your feet, and I stood by you when other’s didn’t)! And as for you, I rooted for you, had your back!  I really wanted us to have that continuity, that feeling of, “you were the right guy”. But all of these hopes and prayers went out of the window come week 17.

See, after watching that debacle I have changed my mind! (I’m allowed, aren’t I?). After seeing my team trounced, and yes, it was a trouncing! I want you to go, pack your bags and don’t look back when you leave! And here’s why…..

“Dan Henning!”, I hear all the time about Dan Hennings play calling, well to me, no head coach worth his salt just lets the OC devise a plan! And have no say whats so ever!!!! Ok, so I know you may bow to Henning’s knowledge, but after the season started to get away from us, you needed to step in and take control. (To me this never happened, and if it did, then it only backs up my argument.) That upset me!

Chad Henne, here’s a guy who seemed to be shackled to what he could or couldn’t do! Who seemed to regress more than he progressed! Now this could be play calling, it could be lack of faith, but to me, it seems to be coaching. I’ve heard suggestions that his throwing motion needs work, etc, etc. But it never got fixed all season. Where were you throughout all of this? Now I know David Lee is a respected coach, but you obviously left this to other people to sort out! “What do you mean?”, I hear you say, well because you had no clue on how to coach a QB’s mechanics, and it seems neither does your  creator of the beloved ” Wildcat,” David Lee.

Offensive line! Man you’re an O line guru! Tell me, are Pat Mcqusitan and Lyndon Murtha, better than Jake Grove? or Donald Thomas? I have no idea what has gone on there! We were a dominant line a year ago, now we’re a joke! Dallas must be laughing at us, taking all their rejects! This is your area of expertise and you failed me!

Game management! Now this is the final nail in the coffin! Because as we have all witnessed, on numerous occasion’s this year, (your third). You lack the instinct that all good coaches have, and that is to know exactly what’s going on! When & where, (remembering players snaps per game is for an arm chair QB, not the head coach!). You should be aware of down and distance, time on the clock, situational substitution’s etc. And again, this is because you leave too much to other people! As for mismanaging the QB situation last Sunday,  just showed your faults up even more! After saying, “Chad H will be the man for the rest of the season”, you yank him… Then reinserted him! Only to pull him out again!!! (That has to be the most embarrassing thing I’ve seen all season!), talk about not knowing what your doing! Jeez!!

Now I’m sorry Tony, I tried to stick by you. I thought you were the one! I know I’m not perfect, yeah I’ll admit, I missed a game or two, and the last shirt I bought was Jason Taylor’s. But I’ve stuck by you as much as I can and now I feel we have to part, if only you had won out those last three games! If only you had grown into the role! But it’s just not to be! Sorry ….

P.S  you can keep the ring you promised!!.. and don’t call.