What is Certain: Change is Coming


You can be sure that Change is Coming in Miami.  Like a hurricane.

Will Tony Sparano be out in Miami?  I don’t think so but it is still possible.  Referred to earlier by sportswriter Armando Salguerro in his column (after the Buffalo game) was the idea that the Fins could gain by getting a coach who is not only good, but also experienced, which is what Sparano is not (at least as a head coach).  So let’s look at the coaching staff and what has occurred up to now, this season.

But let’s observe what is for-certain with this team right now: Mike Nolan has upgraded the Defense as intended.  He did not disappoint here and was a plus while other elements (nearly all other elements) were a minus.  And no plans to leave Miami at the moment so let’s hope he stays and teaches other coaches and players his defense for several more years.  The Defensive scheme has been referred to as, “Ninja”, “Robber” and various others.  Note to the Defensive Secondary however; when the ball comes into your hands, catch it. That has got to be the biggest downer with this defense – the number of possible turnovers that were wasted on dropped interceptions or missed fumble recoveries.

Then there is the Offense: this was a major step backward.  Obviously.  And if you are analyzing or evaluating the team then you must note that this was different than the progress of the Defensive unit.  And that both are overseen by Tony Sparano; yet 2 different results, right?  This can only be because Sparano is relying on his coordinators and just, “managing” without bypassing when needed and really getting his fingers into things too much (at least that is what the scenario strongly hints of).

Lastly, the Special Teams Unit.  As we know, as soon as a change was made with the Coordinator position, the unit improved.  And at times it even looked pretty darned good.  It can definitely improve – no question about that.

Clearly, Sparano needs to handle things before a full season passes when one or more units are not playing as they should.  And as well, he needs to make a change at Offensive Coordinator for sure.  Changes at QB and RB?  Possibly, but you don’t make those changes until you’ve got a Coordinator and a plan.  And There has been a steady, consistent deterioration of the Offense from 2008 to 2009 to 2010.  Steady.  Consistent.  If there is one thing nearly anybody looking at the Fins can tell you it’s that the offense has declined rather than improved.

So, if you change Sparano then I would agree you only do so if you can get someone who has taken a team to the Superbowl.  Otherwise, why bother?  But you must make a change to the Offensive Coordinator.  And I think that is already for certain – another graceful retirement by Dan Henning, whom is only coaching right now because Bill Parcells asked him to come out of retirement earlier for this job.

The QB position must become dependable and a leadership position.  Not just another position being played like playing Guard or Wide Receiver.  And if the personnel needs to change here then so be it.  But I absolutely would not bring in Donovan McNabb.  Best is to find and draft a Franchise QB.  That is what is needed.  We need to reach and get one – now.

The days of Ricky and Ronnie may be over at RB.  And this is a waste and a bit of a tragedy.  Miami has 2 great running backs right now.  They are not being utilized correctly by the coaching and the schemes.  The offense has been simplified and simplified, “for Chad Henne” supposedly to the point now where the opposing defenses can tell you the play before it’s run.  But I wouldn’t be surprised at all if a new Offense totally revitalized Ricky and Ronnie and they came out and both had great seasons again.  No reason that cannot happen except: contract talks.  But if another RB is brought in fine; the scheme must change, regardless.

At least the Fins will be in a better draft position….

What changes do you see being needed in coaching and/or players?