So I tried to cover the press briefing VIA phone and twitter and neither are effective. So I tried to do a “live” cover of it using our coverage for gameday chats and feed in some of the Tweets, but that didn’t work either. So, in a nutshell, Sparano is the coach, Ross said he never talked to Cowher or Gruden, told Sparano he was the guy all along.

Or basically…blah blah blah. It’s called damage control.

Update: Ross says he underestimated the media and didn’t realize it was being broadcast like it was…so to speak. Said he is committed to Sparano and that he and Ireland form a young formidable team. Also said that everyone there is obsessed with winning.

Update: Ireland talking now, says he felt Sparano was always the right one for the job.  Doesn’t deny the meeting with Harbaugh was for coaching but was to gauge whether or not Harbaugh was the right man for the job.  He is reading apparently off a script, like Ross.  They say Sparano has no papers in his hand.

Update: Says team will be aggressive and are looking for a new OC…did not say if aggressive was in terms of free agency.  Also, Ross said that Carl Petersen was NOT on the plane or at the meetings with Harbaugh and has not had any input into the decisions Ross has been making.

Update: Ross blames writers and the agents for the wrong info getting out on Harbaugh…I guess I’m partially to blame for some of that…LOL

UPDATE:  Funny, Sparano is giving rather short answers it seems.  Ross and Ireland are different.  Ross brought up Michigan as a reason to see Harbaugh…yeah o.k.

Sparano said that communication should have been different, then said it’s not his first rodeo and he has been fired before.  Says he never takes the job for granted and loves it.  He really does want to make this work…I think that’s why I like him so much…his dedication.

UPDATE: Check that, Ross cited the Michigan connection to why he went to see him.  Sparano said he shut his phone off when the plane was coming back from Cali, had 40 -50 texts the next day from players telling him to hang in there.

UPDATE:  Want to know the direction of this team for next two years?  Sparano is going to hire his own OC…keep an eye on that selection as it will really be the key to this team moving forward.  Expect some offensive firepower in the draft and FA too…that wasn’t said but it makes sense as the owner NEEDS Sparano to succeed.

UPDATE:  Sparano says he wants an opened up EXPLOSIVE offense

UPDATE:  tony says “we’ll keep communicating and we’ll get this thing going” as far as his relationship with ireland…Does that sound like the two of them are on good terms?  Yeah me neither.

FINAL UPDATE: Ross says he would have handled this a different way…could be the only real honesty to come out of this.  What we know is that they are trying desperately to get this swept under a rug.  The presser has ended and all of the main reporters there said they were allowed very few questions.

So there you have it.