Dolphins Set To Hire New OC


The Miami Dolphins, according to ESPN, have found their new OC.  And this weeks “head scratcher” is…Brian Daboll formerly of the Cleveland Browns.  No, not a member of one of the highest ranked offensive teams, not from a playoff team that got beat like say, the Saints, but the equally enigmatic and lifeless Browns.

Daboll was on the staff with Eric Mangini which apparently explains, now, the meeting that took place between Ross, Ireland, and Sparano following his firing from the Browns.

Interestingly enough, Daboll has, are you ready, “Defensive” experience as well.

Daboll entered the NFL VIA Nick Saban who recommended the young “defensive back” assistant to his good friend Bill Belichick.  Belly would later promote him to WR coach and then Mangini took him to NY with him to be the QB coach.  He coached Patrick Ramsey, Kellen Clemons, and what do you know, Chad Pennington.  A year before that he worked with Brett Favre as an assistant coach.

Daboll would leave NY with Mangini for Cleveland where the offense would rank as follows:

2009 – 32nd

2010 – 29th.

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The Browns were also ranked 32nd in the league in passing in Daboll’s first season in Cleveland and 29th this past season in passing.  To be fair, I didn’t look up the rushing statistics, because, well, frankly, ummmm, hmmmmm, I, uh, well…the freaking running game is already boring enough.  There I said it.  The Browns also used a variation of the Wild Cat this season as well at times.

There is some good news in all of this.  A last place finish will allow the Dolphins to be in position to blow the drafting of Andrew Luck next year, passing on him for a far lesser player…unless of course he get’s injured in his senior year of college and then the Dolphins will by all means take a shot at him.

Ok, that might not be totally fair but the truth is Ross expects fans to buy into the “new exciting” offense that he and Sparano spewed last week.  This is not it.  This isn’t even close to being it.  In fact, when I looked at the possibilities I waived off Daboll as nothing more than a favor to Mangini because he called on Miami to “speak” with them.  I thought it was to add him to their staff in some capacity…not toss out a real candidate for a vacancy.

Daboll has two years experience as an OC…both of which led a team ranked no higher than 29.  How is that inventive?  How is anything the Browns have done in say forever, been exciting?  How are we supposed to “buy” into this?  This goes beyond the approach of desperation.

If Daboll was all that the Phins could get, then Sparano would have been better off naming himself OC and calling his own shots.  Instead, he just signed his name to a pink sheet that will unfortunately not come for at least another two years.

The Phins will likely not hold a press conference or make a public statement regarding this hire, and for once, that’s probably a good idea.

For now, we can all only hope that the CBA gets ratified soon enough that this season will count towards the end of this regime.  Frankly, this makes zero sense, but then again, nothing in Miami does anymore.