Real Life Trumps All This Other Stuff!


Many of you will remember back last summer we held a “writers” contest to find content writers for our site.  One of those was Chris Leeuw who wrote one article before being involved in an accident that left him paralyzed.  Many of you joined his “Caring Bridge” website to follow along with updates on his health.  It was a roller coaster that had it’s highs and more often than not, it’s lows.

Well wishes and prayers came in droves and even the Miami Dolphins themselves got involved when they sent him a personalized authentic jersey.

Over the last month we have all been debating, arguing, and driving ourselves crazy with coaching changes, personnel moves, and all the other stuff that went with it.  But that all really pales in comparison to what the real world holds for Chris and a million others in similar situations.

Today, I received this Email.  I don’t think there is anything I need to say further.  Thanks to all of you for supporting him!

"Hey Brian!Chris Leeuw here – slowly integrating back into the ‘world’!I hope all has been well with you over the last 5 months!  I gotta tell ya, backin August doctors told me i would likely never use my hands or legs again- buthere i sit, using my own fingers to type (still can’t use my left arm), and i’musing a walker to get around now!  It’s beginning to look like a full recoveryis a definite possibility  – the only question is when.  I don’t have fullfunction in my right arm yet – but i can tediously type albeit slowly.I wanted to sincerely thank you for your support early on. I read your articleabout my accident, and still continue to receive blessings from dolphin fans idon’t even know who became aware of my situation through your contacts. It meansa lot to me. Thank’s so much. I hoped there would be a day i could thankeveryone personally – through typing and writing – and that day has finallycome.I can’t believe i missed the whole season!! I of course have been followingreligiously – i’d love to start writing again – i’m not quite there yet, buthopefully i may be able to begin contributing to the site again soon.Currently, I’m in a nursing home, and receive more than 4 hours of physicaltherapy per day (i left the rehab hospital in oct.). But in late feb. i’ll bemoving to a new facility in salt lake city, where hopefully i’ll have more armreturn and time to write.Thanks again, and i’ll be in touch! (and btw, I in 100% agreement with you inyour mock draft – here’s hoping we can trade down and pick up Wisniewski orPouncey late) – i look forward to the draft almost as much as the actual seaon!lol-Chris"