That’s Who Mark Sanchez Reminds Me Of!


I figured with all the glum, “woe-is-us” Dolphins sentiment that’s been pervading the fanbase lately, we could all use a bit of a break. And what brings a Dolphins fan more happiness than watching the New York Jets embarrass themselves? So with that in mind, I can now answer a question that has been plaguing NFL prognosticators for the last two years.

What NFL quarterback is Mark Sanchez most comparable to? Everyone needs to be compared to somebody else in the current NFL, someone whose already in the league or even played generations ago. We heard a slew of comparisons when he was first coming out in the draft and over the past two years it’s a question that’s continued to plague people. Who does Mark Sanchez remind us all of? How about Ben Roethlisberger? It seems the Sanchize has been getting into the cookie jar a little early… if you catch my drift.

If what Deadspin is reporting is true, and they were dead-on about this Brett Favre incident, then apparently Mark Sanchez and his new lady aren’t exactly… legal. She is only 17 and now seems to have hired a lawyer to represent her in the coming weeks as this information goes public. Once again a cell phone has screwed over a Jets QB as the girl allegedly has cell phone photographs taken from inside Mark Sanchez’ room (You can tell from all the Menudo memorabilia).

Now, I’m not terribly interested in this story for what it says about Mark Sanchez. He’s 24, she’s 17… ok that’s a little bit creepy. But if he were in his 30’s it would be cool which could be a bit of a double-standard. Still, he’s the starting quarterback of the Jets, he’s been in GQ, he’s loaded, he’s in New York. He can’t find someone who can buy her own cigarattes? Or hell, maybe even her own drinks? Where would he even meet a 17 year old?

Regardless, this is just another fun example of the Jets being the classy team we all know and love. Their old quarterback was sexting team employees, their coach is on the internet making foot fetish videos and their new quarterback is picking up women in high school. They got receivers getting arrested for DUI days before a game and only missing a quarter, players harrassing reporters, Antonio Cromartie seducing ladies.

It kind of makes being a Dolphins fan seem a little better. And to all the Jets trolls out there, your QB is 1-3 against Chad Henne. So shut up.