Dolphins Should Trade Down in the 2011 Draft


The Fins have the 15th pick in the upcoming draft.  Many pundits and bloggers have their opinions as to what to do with this pick.  Some say QB.  Some say RB.  Some say speed.  Here is my two cents as to what I think the Fins should do in order to get to the playoffs.

I believe that this draft will not have a QB worth taking at the 15th pick.  Gabbert and Newton will likely be gone – besides, I am not that big on Newton even if he is available.  Plus, Mallett and Locker aren’t worth it – too much risk.  I believe there is not a RB worth taking either.  Mark Ingram seems to me to be too much like Ronnie Brown and will likely spend a lot of time on IR or injured in civi’s on the bench.  I believe that the Fins should not spend the 15th pick on a WR.  This is one position that we already spent two 2nd round picks on last year to get Brandon Marshall.  Lastly, I pray the Fins do not take a defensive player with the 15th pick.  They spent a lot of draft assets on defense in last year’s draft.

I believe that Fins should trade down and pick up an OL to help the most dismal part of the Fins offense.  The Fins could trade down to the 27th pick in the first round which is currently held by the Falcons.  The Falcons need a WR and Julio Jones (Alabama) may be available at the 15th pick.  They would love to have Julio opposite of Roddy White for Matt Ryan.  In return, the Fins would get Atlanta’s 2nd rounder (59th pick) and 4th rounder (123th pick) in addition to the 27th pick.  The three additional picks would be extremely helpful to shore up the Fins offense this year.

With the 27th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins could select Gabe Carimi, OT from Wisconsin.  Getting another Big Ten workman-like tackle opposite of Jake Long would help shore up the OL.  Carimi could be placed at RT moving the aging Vernon Carey to RG.  This would kill two birds with one stone.  Carey is getting too old to play tackle and our guard positions need serious help.  I think Sparano would love such a choice and would use his new found influence in personnel matters to make it happen.  If Carimi isn’t available, then there are four other tackles (Solder, Smith, Sherrod, and Castonzo) worth taking in the 1st round who could start at right tackle (which is less demanding than LT).  One of these guys will be available at the 27th pick.

So, I know the NFL Combine has yet to be held and it may be a little early to talk about who exactly to pick.  But, I say forget about a QB, RB, or speedy WR at the 15th pick.  Trade down and get a RT to build up the offensive line so that someone can run with the ball better and so that whoever is at QB can be protected better.  It is not sexy, but it may get the Fins to the playoffs.