I Have Found My Soapbox


… and I’m going to yell from it.

Ladies and gentleman I may be new but I am optimistic that we can create a very nice working relationship. As in, I will scream (well, I mean write) my absurd ideals and opinions and you will hopefully listen (ok read, but I figured you got that by now) and tell me how wrong I am. On occasion I hope that you will agree with me, and in those moments I will be “awesome” and you, the readers, a superior “awesome” for putting up with me until then. Either way I thought I’d plan on having a good time with all of the writers on this site and those faithful readers/forum junkies/true Dolphin fans. Now that we’ve gotten the introduction out of the way I’d love to fade into my own world where important decisions in our beloved franchise are made by me.

Here we are just a few days before the combine and I want to go over some names that I don’t think are getting enough chatter. I am going to go ahead and warn you that this is ALL offense. Yes, I’d really like to have another solid linebacker and yes it would be sweet if we could get an actual ball-hawk in our secondary. Well it doesn’t matter, remember my word is final in this world. We are coming off of a year where we ranked 30th in scoring (side note: The Browns and Panthers are the only two teams we outscored, good thing we didn’t hire someone from their… oh wait) WE HAVE TO HAVE PLAY MAKERS. We cannot take another year of fearing a lead over 3 points, or any lead for that matter for the games Carpenter decides to check out. So here are my non-Newton/Ingram/Green choices that any team should jump on.**

1.)                Ryan Williams – Virginia Tech: In 2009 he had 1,655 rushing yards while showing off his speed and explosive skills. He is just a little smaller than Ingram but this works in his favor by allowing him to use his speed to get into the second level faster. That ability could turn out as legitimate big-play threat which we lack, also his 30 rushing TD’s in only 23 games doesn’t hurt that case either. Another thing I like about Williams was his LACK of workload last year. Some of it can be accredited to injury, but most of it comes from having two other featured Running Backs and an elusive Quarterback to take even more of his carries away. This will make his shelf life longer, which is vital in a league where a Running Backs career is getting shorter and shorter.

2.)                Ryan Mallett – Arkansas: Ok so he hasn’t really flown under the radar, but his size rivals that of Cam Newton and is almost identical to that of Ben Roethlisberger. Add the ability to throw a deep ball with exceptional touch and accuracy and you’ve got a product I want in the TEAL and ORANGE now. Go down the list:

  • Does he make correct checks? Yes.
  • Does he have the crucial “big arm?” Yes.
  • Is he confident in the pocket? Yes (he’s huge, why would he not be?).
  • Does he manage the clock well? Yes.

Convinced yet?

3.)                Jonathan Baldwin – Pittsburgh: Big, big, big. This guy is massive, he is a presence in the middle of field with the essential over the top potential you want from all your Wide Receivers. Think of how he can be utilized while playing beside an elite pro like Marshall (or flip that and think of how Marshall could finally get out of double coverage on every down). He may not be the speedster some of us want but his athleticism and ability to win the jump ball make him a must have on all teams at the next level.  

Let me also add that I think all of these guys fall towards the end of the first round and even into the 2nd if we don’t pick them up. So naturally trading down and getting a second round pick would be ideal. All three of these guys are great, but getting two of these athletes would be ideal. The Giants are a team to look at giving us the 19th and 52nd picks (at least) in return. Now that Bradshaw will not be getting the franchise tag he could become a free agent and Jacobs’ seems to be on the decline, so they are prime targets to want Ingram. Viola! We get two picks and grab two guys who could help awaken our catatonic offense.

Of course I will be watching Julio Jones like a hawk the entire draft, and by entire draft I mean the Rams drafting one position ahead of us. If they decide to go another route, take him, don’t think… in fact go ahead and write his name down on the paper and have it ready to go, you know, just in case.

That concludes our voyage into my world, whether or not any of this comes into fruition we will have to wait and see. Be as it may in a few years I will at least be able to say “I told you so.”

–Andrew P. — remystark

**Disclaimer. All my opinions could change (like everyone else) after the combine. You’ve been warned.