Under the radar prospects to keep an eye on


Pouncey, Newton, Mallet, Ingram, etc. We’ve heard the names, we’ve heard fans calling out for their favorites. Last year no one saw Jared Odrick coming after speculation had us taking anyone from Dez Bryant to Rolando McClain. Smokescreens and hyping other players are the games being played currently by Ireland along with the rest of the NFL. So who are some of the names we should be keeping an eye on as we watch, read and breathe the upcoming NFL draft? I’ll dive into some prospects to keep an eye on during the early stages of the draft.

Anthony Costanzo – RT/LT – Boston College – With Vernon Carey still limping while also not playing up to his contract has put a question mark at RT. While a pulling guard or a center is the obvious glare, RT is anything but secure. Costanzo is the prototypical Parcells’ kind of guy. Costanzo is a big guy, great run blocker and smart all of which are usual traits found in Parcells type of linemen. Also, if Long has any setbacks during rehab you have a solid backup plan. If we were to trade back into the later portions of the 1st round, this could be an option for us. Especially when most OGs (even good ones) rarely find their way to 1st round.

Kyle Rudolph – TE – Notre Dame – Anthony Fasano did have a career year last year and surely seems to be a capable starter in this league. But while in Dallas, Sparano and Parcells were known to bring in a lot of double TE formations to help the running game and also provided extra blocking on passing plays. While Fasano is very capable, he is not the game changer or BIG weapon a Dolphins QB would likely have in this #1 rated TE. Rudolph is big, good hands and spent a solid couple of years in Charlie Weis’ pro style system. Rudolph has been suggested to go anywhere from late 1st to early 3rd but it’s safe to say he’ll be a 2nd rounder and the Dolphins would most likely need to get back a 2nd rounder to pick up the #1 rated TE in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Kendall Hunter – RB – Oklahoma St – It is no secret the Dolphins will need more RB options after the likely departure of Ricky Williams and/or Ronnie Brown. What is also noted is that Ireland has made a case that the Dolphins need more speed. Enter Hunter, if his 40 times at the combine show up well he could be a solid pickup in the 3rd round with the shiftiness and big play potential the Dolphins have lacked in the running game since Mercury Morris (No offense John Avery).

Trying to predict the NFL Draft is never an exact science, and of course there are many options being scrutinized and looked at starting tomorrow in the NFL Draft Combine. Needs and upgrades could be looked at other positions (KR, OLB, C, OG, WR, FS, etc.). In either case, it’s a fun time for speculation and name guessing. In the end, no one will know what the Dolphins will do except for one man… Enjoy the Draft Combine starting tomorrow fellow Phinatics!