Be Offensive And Draft Defensive


It’s no secret that if the Miami Dolphins had more production out of their offense last year things may have turned out a little different.  The same was said about their defense the year before.  Following their second consecutive 7-9 season, Miami is entering this draft in the exact opposite position they were in before last years draft, in need of offense instead of defense. 

Miami addressed their problems last year by focusing their draft on the defensive side of the ball, taking all but one defensive player.  It paid dividends by evidence of the dramatic turnaround the defense made this past season.  So this year it makes complete sense for Miami to take all offensive players right?  I don’t think so, I think Miami needs to be offensive and draft defensive once again.

If you think I’m totally crazy I don’t blame you.  But once you read what I have to say maybe I will sway your opinion my way……or maybe you’ll still think I’m crazy.

When you look at the Super Bowl winners over the past couple years they all have one thing in common, they had very good defenses.  I know I know, New Orleans had this high powered offense a couple years ago, but did you also know that their defense forced 39 turnovers that same year?  Last year Green Bay had a defense that was second in the NFL in sacks and int’s.  In 2008 it was the Steelers who were 2nd in sacks and tied for 6th in interceptions.  And we all loved what the Giants did in 2007 with their defensive effort in the playoffs, keeping the New England Patriots from matching the ’72 Dolphins with a perfect season.  Even with their much improved defense last season, Miami ranked 10th in sacks and tied for 28th in int’s.  It’s obvious their defense still needs to improve, and quite frankly I think their defense can improve more quickly than their offense can.

Take a look at Miami’s needs on offense.  Offensive line, running back, speed receiver, and…..quarterback.  Now, take a look at where Miami is drafting and sell me on someone worth taking at 15 that will step in and make an immediate impact that will dramatically improve their offense……go ahead……do it…….having problems?  I sure am.  Pouncy seems like a nice pick, but will he live up to his brother’s rookie season, not likely.  Ingram is the man right?  Not without a good offensive line, and besides, good running backs are a dime a dozen in the current NFL, and most teams have two, just like Miami did last year.   Can anyone name a speed receiver that will complement Brandon Marshall with the 15th pick?  Nope……didn’t think so.  Then there’s the quarterbacks.  I really don’t see Ireland and Sparano having enough time to draft and develop another quarterback, they need to win now!

The fastest way Miami can win now is to make sure their defense ranks near the top of the league in almost every category, and I don’t think they are that far away.  Mike Nolan is coming back for another year, and that in itself should improve this defense.  That means the 6th ranked defense in the NFL will have yet another year under his system, surely they will be better.  Paul Soliai will most definitely start at the nose for a full season now that he was tagged and got the huge one year contract.  This will help the already extremely talented line become even better.  His presence will help keep Starks on the outside which is where he thrives.  Also on the outside is Odrick, who only played in 2 games last year due to injuries, this may as well be an additional first round pick this year since he didn’t really play last year.  AJ Edds was also injured and may as well be thought of as an additional draft pick for this year.  Koa Misi certainly began to get the hang of things towards the end of this year and should improve his skill set heading into next season.  Another thing that will help Misi will be the attention that Pro-Bowler Cameron Wake will demand next year, he is the real deal and should continue to be for years to come.

So with all this firepower on defense, how in the world can Miami improve?  I think they need to find a way to get Karlos Dansby freed up to make more plays.  I know he was all over the field for Miami last year and was probably their best defensive player, but I think Miami needs to find a way to get him into position to make more plays.  That’s why they made him the highest paid linebacker in the NFL last season right?  They have to find someone to run all over the field and make tackles so he can be free to blitz more often.  Imagine Wake on the outside and Dansby filling the middle, how could you stop that?  If Miami can get a pass rushing linebacker that can line up opposite Wake, they may be inclined to use Misi’s skill set and high motor in the middle to free up Dansby a little more.

Maybe they find a cover corner or safety to throw into the mix.  Davis is gaining more and more momentum towards becoming one of the most elite cover corners in the NFL, and quite frankly he should be.  Sean Smith finally got his first INT in the NFL this past season, but dropped quite a few also.  There is no way Miami’s secondary drops as many interceptions as they did last year, adding a first round talent to their secondary will almost guarantee that.  Three safeties and two corners made huge impacts with the teams that took them last year.  Eric Berry in KC, Earl Thomas in Sea, Nate Allen in Philly, Wilson in NY, and McCourty in NE.  If Miami can add a player like those guys in the first round next year they will have one of the best secondaries in the league.

I just see this draft being more beneficial to Miami on the defensive side of the ball.  I know most needs for Miami are on the offensive side of the ball, but if they can improve their defense and make it one of the best in the NFL next season, the offense won’t seem as bad.  Time is definitely not on the side of Sparano and Ireland, and they know that.  Offense takes years to perfect, and starting over with a new offensive coordinator does nothing but hurt them.  They don’t need to try and completely overhaul the offense, just make it a little more productive.  If they can do that, and draft players that will improve their young and athletic defense to make it one of the best in the league, I like their chances.

Phins Up!