No Worries JT, We Don’t Want You Either


The Miami Dolphins and Jason Taylor parted ways the year that Bill Parcells took over the team.  Whether you agree or disagree with the way he was treated, the debate on that subject rages today.  There is no question that JT is one of the most revered and popular players in Dolphin history, not far behind one quarterback who wore number 13.  Some would argue that he deserves to have his jersey retired when his career finally comes to a close.

Then, there is the Jason Taylor who has done and continues to do damage to his own reputation.

Taylor doesn’t want to play for the Miami Dolphins and frankly, that’s a good thing.  The Dolphins really don’t need his 5 sacks and 25 tackles to compliment their top 5 defense.  They are perfectly fine without him, so don’t worry Jason, the Dolphins don’t need you either.

Before you continue reading you should know that my opinion on him may be a lot different than yours and as such, we may not see eye to eye.  So before you click continue, know this.  I think Jason Taylor should just shut his mouth and for now, forget that Miami even exists.

When Jason Taylor was a draft prospect some 14 years ago, he was the one player from that draft class I wanted Miami to take.  Needless to say I was thrilled when they called his name.  Taylor’s seasons were up and down in terms of total sack numbers but there was never any denial that he wasn’t a major impact player.  Lined up with his brother-in-law Zach Thomas was a formidable defense.

When Bill Parcells came to the Dolphins he imposed his line of thinking.  That didn’t apparently mesh well with Jason Taylor.  Taylor as you will recall felt dissed by Parcells when he entered a dark video room where Parcells was breaking down film.  Taylor was insulted that Parcells didn’t say hello.  The two only drifted further from there.  Most of the animosity seemed to arise from Taylors’ Dancing With The Stars stint instead of training in Davie with his teammates.  Many believed that internally this was the straw that broke Parcells’ beliefs about his defensive leader.

We all know the outcome of that and Jason Taylors’ trade to the Redskins after the draft.  His return two seasons ago and then his leaving as a free agent prior to the draft last year when Jeff Ireland would not commit to speaking with Taylor regarding a new deal until after the draft had taken place.

Last month on local radio WQAM, Joe Rose asked if JT would ever come back to Miami.  His reply was simply, “there is no way in hell they would call me”.  Asked again at a charity golf event over the weekend, now that he has been released by the Jets, Taylor fired off the following.

"“Where do I want to go? To play?” he said. “Oh, I want to play in New York, for sure. I told Rex [Ryan] this yesterday. If I’m going to play, I want to play with the Jets. I had a fantastic time up there. Great team. Good young quarterback [Mark Sanchez] that’s continued to grow up and become more and more of a pro quarterback and that’s great to see.“I had a great time and came up a little short [and] it’s not easy to repeat it three years in a row in the AFC Championship. But if they’ll have me, I think I’d enjoy doing it again.”"

Let the arguments begin.  As for my respect of Jason Taylor, well it was all but completely gone in that early season NY visit when he subsequently walked off the field to a shower of boos and shouted (easily mouth read on the TV broadcast) “#$*^ You!!!” to the Miami fans who had supported him for so long.  Returning as a member of the Dolphins most hated rivals was not going to get him a ton of cheers so what did he expect?

Taylor could have simply said that he was open to all options and that he just wanted to continue playing.  He could have said that he had fun playing in NY last season and that although Bill Parcells is not with the team anymore, that he simply didn’t know if he would fit into the scheme or the plans of the Miami Dolphins.  Then again, that would have been a higher road that JT seems to no longer take.  I chalk that up to the Rex Ryan influx of insufferable attitude.  Let’s face it, Jason Taylor is one of them now.  And he acts like them to0.

A models citizen in Miami, he obviously has taken off the gloves and perhaps has exposed himself for what he may truly be.  A piss poor professional who no longer respects the fans that supported him for over a decade.  On that same Joe Rose show, Taylor brought up the fact that Zach Thomas was not on the Dolphins “Ring of Honor”.  Does he not realize that Zach only retired last season?  The Dolphins already were attached to adding two names from the venerable ’72 team to the ROH.  Zach would have to wait a year.

There is no doubting that Zach Thomas will be on that ring. None.  The fact that Jason wants to spit barbs regarding it not happening immediately only continues to show his lack of reality and his mouth simply continues to make him look stupid.

I know without question that ZT will adorn the Ring of Honor and I will applaud that loudly when he does.  I’m also sure that someday, Jason Taylor will have his name up on the ring as well.  Hopefully, he will have to wait about 5 to 10 years after he retires.  Maybe pray would be a better word as I will also say that Miami fans don’t forget very easily and if Taylor retired tomorrow, fans would boo him two years from now, simply because he joined the Jets.  Dallas?  No problem.  KC?  Not an issue.  Zach will attest to that.  Washington?  No one cared and everyone was glad he was back.  The Jets?  Much like JT’s new found attitude, the Dolphins fans do care about that.

For what it’s worth, Zach was asked about his name not being in the ROH, in reference to the Taylor comments.

"“the Dolphins don’t owe me anything.  They made Miami my home. They gave me a job for 12 years.  I owe everything to them.”"

Jason Taylor could use a lesson in class…if he has any left.