5 Things To Do In The Case of an NFL Lockout


In the wake of the end of our lives as we know it, I’ve had to do some serious soul-searching. While most of us are willing to believe the owners won’t lockout the whole season, it’s my job to look at the glass half empty. What will we possibly do without the NFL for a full season? Who will we yell at through our television sets when they don’t score that TD that puts us over the edge in fantasy? How will we play general manager for our teams and explain to nobody how we would fix them? Will we really have to go through all of winter without ever arguing with our neighbor about whos team is better?

Well, maybe. But in the meantime, I’ve come up with 5 things you can do to entertain yourself in the case of a full season NFL lockout.

1. Watch the UFL

The United Football League is pretty much the D-League of the NBA. The UFL features such NFL cast-offs such as Dominic Rhodes, Jeff Garcia, Daunte Culpepper and Tim Rattay. The brand of football is extremely similar to the NFL, except for a few minor changes in rules. They currently only have five teams, but the rumor going around is if the NFL cancels the 2011 season, the only place for the unemployed players to go is the UFL. Can you imagine Peyton Manning and Tom Brady fighting for a roster spot? Would make for good television.

 2. Start your own league

Remember back when you were a child and all your friends around the neighborhood would get together, and you’d put together a game of touch football? Well this is similar idea,  except we are much older now. Get together with all the adults on your street and start a team. After you get good enough, challenge the next street over. You can create divisons (East side vs. West side, baby), develop rivals in the neighborhood, and challenge other neighborhoods in your area. Good exercise too.

3. Start a protest

Get some of your closest friends together and take a trip to Park Ave in New York. You can stand outside of NFL headquarters all day and night until the Roger Goodell and the owners change their mind about the lockout. Make colorful signs, buy a nice big tent and have a cookout. If you do that though, make sure to let me know so I can join you and get the word out. Power to the people!

4. Sit in a corner and cry








5. Catch the end of the NASCAR season

Every football fan’s worst nightmare. However, I have to admit that I do enjoy my NASCAR. This season is shaping up to be a good one, and I guess the one positive about having a lockout is I’ll actually be able to watch the Chase this year. Go Denny!

I know it’s not what you want to hear. But hey, we need to be prepared for all possibilites! As for me, if the lockout happens, I’ll probably end up with option #4. I already have the corner picked out. What about you? Do you have a better option? Let’s hear it.