A Solution For The Rookies At The Draft


Yes, you can say that I am bitter or rather getting there.  Why?  Simple, this entire process of lockout vs. decertification is absurd and stupid.  I mean my lord there are thousands of dead in Japan from a tsunami and the NFL is bickering over 9 billion dollars?  It was announced today on CNN that the governor of Ohio has slashed 8 billion dollars off the states’ budget and these two sides can’t agree to a split of 1?

The NFL has stated that they will invite the top 10 – 15 players to NY for the draft and the “Not-the-NFLPA” is urging college kids not to and instead show up at their own little gala up the road.

Well, I have a solution that should easily solve the issue for everyone.

Fans, don’t show up to the draft.  Boycott it.

The NFL draft is a free opportunity for fans to watch the draft live, cheer on the selections, and root for their teams.  Since the NFLPA has stepped away from the bargaining table until a Minnesota judge can determine if the league or the players are right or wrong in the measures they have taken, why not simply send a message back.  A message that says, “Hey, without us, you go nothing!”.

Not showing up to the draft will not hurt the owners but it will send a clear message to the players and to the league that the fans have taken notice and do not approve.  Let’s face it, if there is still labor unrest and games get cancelled, fans will still show up in droves for that first game back.  Doesn’t matter how loud you scream for them not to, you will not get thousands upon thousands of season ticket holders and fans to join together and send a message.

You couldn’t get quarter of those in attendance to stand in the parking lot until after the kickoff.  For that matter, I bet you couldn’t get half of them to turn their back on the field for the kick-off.

But the draft?  That’s a different story.  This is the next off-season event that fans can attend and it’s the one place that a few hundred fans can send a message louder than cheers at the Super Bowl.  A message that simply states, “We are not going to put up with this garbage anymore!”