NFL Rules Change, Sparano Vision for Offense Does Not


The NFL has decided on a few rule changes that will have a little impact on the way the game is played.  While the NFL owners were meeting in “N’Awlens”, Tony Sparano made it clear that he will not be making changes to his offensive style.  Like it or not.

First the NFL rule changes.

While touchbacks will remain positioned at the 20 yard line kickoffs will be moved from the 30 back to the original 35 yard line.  This is a small step to curb player injury on kick returns.  While there will be a tad more TB’s it’s not likely to have a major impact on the game.  What will however is the new changes to replay.  The owners have decided that all scoring plays will be automatically reviewed upstairs and then called in to the head ref if it looks like a review needs to be made.

This will allow coaches to keep their challenge flags in their pockets and pull them out for first down or possession changes.  They will also retain the 3rd challenge flag if both of their first two challenges are upheld.

The league looked at making more changes, particularly in the category of defensive hits against defenseless players but scrapped that for this year.

Speaking out of those league meetings, Miami Dolphins HC Tony Sparano said that his offense will remain a run first attack.  Boring I know.

But the man in charge has a plan.

Sparano said that he is looking for two tailbacks that compliment each other and according to Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel, that did not sound as if either of those players were currently on the roster.  That indication is a pointed finger that Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown will both be dressing elsewhere next year.  In addition, he said that the Dolphins have a very detailed plan of where they will find the runners they need but opted not to go into details.  Damn, where is Dave Wannstedt when you need him, that guy couldn’t keep his mouth shut for nothing.

Sparano said that he is looking for a runner in the mold of Jahvid Best, a breakaway runner with very good hands out of the back-field.  Sparano did not go into specifics but mentioned the free agent market and the possibility of adding another runner in the draft.   Which really only makes you more pissed off that there is no free agency at the moment.

For more on Sparano’s comments regarding the running game and how it will “evolve” check out this Sun-Sentinel article.