Draft Approaching Quickly


The Miami Dolphins like every other NFL team do not have the benefit of filling positions VIA free agency and then filling holes VIA the draft, which is fast approaching.  Instead, while the labor dispute, lockout, and litigation moves to judge mediation, the Dolphins are preparing for the NFL Draft which is now down to 16 days.  With the 15th overall pick the Phins may find that trading down won’t be as easy as it was once thought to be.

Consider that the Dolphins would love to trade down and gain back the 2nd round pick they gave up for Brandon Marshall last year.  In order to do that they would need a willing partner but due to the uncertainty of the labor discord teams that may have shown interest before may not be inclined to part with draft picks.  Especially considering that the draft itself beyond this year is a question mark.

In the past, trading was somewhat easier.  You could package a couple of picks and even a player and move up or down, this year players can’t be traded and the questions regarding future drafts mean picks that have been traded for future drafts will be a hard sell leaving teams more likely to keep what they have this year.

Another issue is what may be sitting at 15 when the Dolphins come on the clock.  This draft is D’line heavy and the top of the draft is the creme’ but all those top prospects could be off the board by the time the Phins are on the clock.  If that is the case, the Dolphins may find it difficult to find a trading partner considering that the talent becomes more evenly distributed between 15 and 32.

Teams are not likely going to trade up for a QB as none of the QB’s after Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert are graded out to mid-first round talents.  Running backs will not pull team interests and some believe that RB’s may fall out of round 1 all together (which means that the Phins will likely draft one at 15).  The only talent that could be sitting at 15 that might entice a mover would be offensive line but guards are not viewed as top 15 picks and only two tackles in this years draft have a top 20 grade.

It is becoming increasingly likely that the Dolphins, who will use all of their alloted time to try and finagle a trade down, may actually find themselves sitting at 15 making their selection.  While ideally getting a 2nd round pick in this years draft would be the best move for the team, it may be out of their hands so long as there is no labor deal in place on the outside.

At 15 the Dolphins will have options, but the question is whether or not those options are what’s best for the team or simply the best at that spot.  Over the next week, we will take a look at the top 15 prospects who “could” be available at the 15 spot and whether or not these Miami Dolphins would consider drafting that player.  So check back to read those reports.