Playing it Safe


“With the 15th pick the Miami Dolphins select Mike Pouncey, offensive lineman, University of Florid.” Those are the words that echoed from Roger Goodell’s mouth last night. It wasn’t the sexy QB, WR or RB that most Miami fans were hoping for but it was as Ireland said in his press conference the “safe pick.” 

Ireland talked about wanting to trade down but the phones just didn’t ring so they made the pick. I am a firm believer Miami went into this draft thinking they could trade back but if they couldn’t I think Christian Ponder was their guy. The problem with was the Minnesota obviously thought he was their guy and that they wouldn’t get another chance at him. There are many that thought Miami should have taken Mallett or Dalton, but they didn’t. Miami spent as much if not more time that anyone looking at Mallett and they decided he wasn’t worth the 15th pick. I think if they could have traded back they might have taken Dalton, but that is the issue. 

I have always said if you are going to reach in round one, then reach on a QB. If they thought they could drop back and get Dalton or even Mallet for that matter in the 20’s then pull the trigger at #15. Rumor was they were trying to trade back into round one, but they just didn’t

have the ammunition. I am sure they burnt up the phones last night trying to get back into round two, but once again without giving up a lot not sure if they can. Instead of reaching and trying to throw the ball into the end zone Miami did what we as fans have grown accustomed to on third and seven and ran a draw play setting up the field goal and inevitable fist pump.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Pouncey is a good player and will be either the starting center or starting left guard day one. He is also the best pulling guard in this draft. He struggled snapping the ball in shotgun situations early in the year in 2010 but got better as the season went on. Jeff Ireland claims he will start out at center, but not sure that is where he stays. There is no doubt in my mind Pouncey makes the offensive line better, he is a leader and called the line plays at Florida.

While I don’t hate this pick, I don’t love it either. We can only hope he is as good as his brother but that will be a tough task. We can take solace in knowing he was coveted by the Steelers and Giants who are two of the best teams at evaluating talent for the draft. Mike Pouncey wasn’t the sexy pick, but he was the safest pick Miami could have made at that time, but is safe good enough?