Labor Stumbling Block Or Minor Glitch In Negotiations?


Let me preface this by saying if you don’t want to read about the lockout or my opinion of the lockout, then don’t read articles about the lockout or my opinion of the lockout.  When, as I stated in our forum, I can write an article that is not predicated with “when the lockout ends”, I will be more than happy to resort back to writing articles that are about the Miami Dolphins, football, fantasy football, or whatever there is that does not equate to a labor stoppage.

Now that all being said, and yes, I do support the owners in this mess, is reporting VIA Albert Breer of NFLcom that the players may be making a final power play now that the owners have caved in on some of their other demands, such as the right of first refusal that the owners were seeking this year for their free agents.

At the top of this “stumbling block” or “minor glitch” is that players are supposedly asking for over 320 million in lost money from last year.  I have yet to figure out where that lost money is coming from unless the players are looking at the difference from the 2009 season which was capped to last years uncapped season.  Many teams, such as the Tampa Bay Buc’s were well below the 2009 cap floor.  Perhaps the players are seeking money that “should” have been spent.  Again, that is nothing more than my own conjecture.  Either way, I have to assume that money is coming from losses that were directly related to the final year of the CBA as it was worded.

Breer is also reporting that the players want additional tv money from this year, the “lockout insurance” money that the league negotiated in bad faith several years ago specifically in case of a lockout.  I am not sure why the players would be asking for that separately simply because it will now fall into the “total revenue” line that the league will pay the players.

Finally, there is talk that despite a new CBA looming, the litigation that was brought by the 11 players needs to be resolved with a settlement and that a new CBA may not be considered the actual settlement.  In that case, and while it won’t likely hold up ratification of a new CBA or delay the start of the season, one specific point will need to be ironed out quickly.  It’s being reported that the 11 plaintiffs are seeking to have their names removed from the franchise tag eligibility.  Meaning that none of those 11 players can ever have the franchise tag applied.  That relates directly to Peyton Manning specifically who is already tagged.

I do agree with that part of the settlement as in the last settlement in the early 90’s that resulted in the last CBA, those players were given that right under that agreement.

It should also be noted that Chris Mortenson is reporting that the new CBA, when finalized, will be for 10 years.  No report on whether there will be an opt out option for either party.