Will Character Count?


With the NFL Lockout reportedly coming to an end real soon, training camps are right around the corner.  As we all know, this offseason has been much different than those in the past.  With no OTA’s and ‘voluntary’ workouts this offseason, players have been left on their own to be ready for training camp when it opens.  Most NFL teams are banking on their players reporting to training camp in shape and ready to work.  The Miami Dolphins are no different.

During the past couple NFL Drafts, the words ‘high character’ have been surrounding most of the picks of the Miami Dolphins.  I’m hoping these words ring true when it comes to how well this young team has prepared itself without the supervision of the coaching staff and front office.  How well have these guys been taking care of their bodies?  How close are they to being in ‘football shape?’  I know some players have been reportedly working out, but what about the rest?  Along with ‘high character,’ I’m hoping this group has ‘high integrity’ as well.

All teams in the NFL have to be worried about how their guys will report to camp, but Miami has another worry that most teams don’t, they must install a new offense as well.  We have no way of knowing exactly how much information QB Chad Henne got from new OC Brian Daboll when they met when they weren’t supposed to, nor do we have any idea of how well Henne relayed that information to the rest of the team when they were working out together.  With the Miami Dolphins expected to bring in another QB as soon as a new CBA is signed, the QB competition may well come down to who knows the offense better.

On the defensive side of the ball, Miami has to be excited.  DC Mike Nolan enters year two leading the Miami defense.  The defense was drastically better than it was before Nolan arrived, and looks to be even better this year with most of the same guys coming back.  With Will Allen and Jared Odrick coming back from injuries this year, Miami has improved it’s depth and competition.  Look for them to add a pass rusher to compliment Cameron Wake once free agency begins.

Within the next couple weeks training camps should be opening up across the league.  At that time we will get the chance to see just how well the players for the Miami Dolphins have prepared themselves for training camp.  I’m hoping like everyone else that this group of ‘high character’ guys really took the offseason serious and come in ready to get to work!

Phins Up!