Lawyers — A Necessary Evil


In a movie I saw several years ago, I heard a good joke.  It went like this.  Question:  What do you call 100 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?  Answer:  A good start!

All joking aside, maybe the best writer to ever serve on the Michigan Supreme Court was Justice Volker who wrote about the ability of lawyers to make almost any argument about any set of words that man could be constrained to put together … and … the opportunity to try to insert ambiguity where none was ever intended.

So, we are now in the final minutes of the 11th hour of the dispute that tied up the NFL season for the last 125 plus days.  However, considering the words of Justice Volker, I am not optimistic that a deal will be done in time to get the season going on schedule.  So, don’t hold your breath that votes will happen today and tomorrow.  Why? Because it is now all up to the lawyers … a necessary evil!

I live in Virginia where a verbal agreement is still legal.  You know, where men can shake hands on an agreement and move forward with life.  However, it seems impossible that a verbal agreement would ever hold up in Court today.  Why?  Because of what Judge Volker wrote and lawyers belief that it is their job to mince words.  So, we have to sit and wait for the NFL and NFLPA lawyers to write the verbal deal down on paper.  Is it not a shame that Godell and De Smith just can’t shake hands and we can get on with it?

Or, for that matter, is it not a shame that Congress and the President can’t just shake on a debt limit deal?  But, this situation is much worse because almost all the principles are lawyers, including the President!  And, they are politicians.  Boy, politicians that are lawyers are like weapons of mass destruction.  Maybe, we should send them all over to fight the Taliban instead of our troops.  Heck, the Taliban would surrender in a month.

Sorry … Back to football!

Bottomline … it should have never come down to the last minutes of the eleventh hour!  Gamesmanship.  What a bunch of BS.  I hope that the NBA is “feeling” what is happening to the fan base of the NFL.  Get a deal done.  Not at the last minute!