PhinPhanatic Fantasy Football Leagues Forming Now


With the lockout over, teams heading into free agency and training camps, and a big sigh of relief from millions of fans, it’s time to get back to the business of making a little something off the players.  That’s right, it’s time to get your fantasy football teams up and running!  More importantly, it’s time that you step up to one of our sites fantasy football leagues.

This year we will have 4 leagues using ESPN fantasy football and one Home Team Challenge league that will be run on

If you wish to join any of these leagues, please Email me at  They are first come first serve.  After I receive your email another invitation Email will be sent to you from the league site.  Those leagues requiring team buy in’s will additionally have extra information.

League 1:  Phinphanatic-free.  This 12 team league is a free league with standard scoring.  The draft date has not been set yet.  It is an open league for any of our sites readers.  If you are interested in playing in this league, Email me and say you want to join League 1: Phinphanatic – free.

League 2:  Phinphanatic-pay.  This is a 12 team league with a minimum 25.00 dollar buy in.  If all members want to up the buy in, a price change will be made but ONLY if all members agree to an increase.  This league will use a custom roster and scoring system.  Please Email “League 2: Phinphanatic-Pay” if you are interested in this league. This league pays out to first, second, and third place.

League 3:  Phinphanatic-Charity.  This is a special 12 team league with only the winner receiving 100.00.   The buy in is 25.00.   The rest of the money will be given to the Miami Dolphins charity branch on behalf of the site.

League 4:  Phinphanatic-Keeper.  This is a 12 team league, first year keeper league.  It will be set up to run automatically each year.  There will be a minimum buy in of 25.00 each season and rosters and scoring will be custom.  This is the first year we are offering this league.

League 5:  Herald league.  This league is going on it’s 7th or 8th season.  It is a 12 team league that is by invitation only based on the number of returning teams each year.  It has a 25.00 buy in with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd payouts.  It is comprised of the old Miami Herald forum.  It is a snake draft with custom  scoring and rosters and allows full trading of draft picks.  There is no first come first serve in this league as your name will be put on a list for replacement members prior to the draft.  If you are interested in this league, Email me directly at or at the address.

Home Team Challenge – This is an fantasy league.  Each week you will be “buy” your roster from that league.  It is open to any and all interested.  It is 100 percent free.  You will be eligible to win prize packages provided by and the Miami Dolphins as well as a league winner prize from this site that will be sent at seasons end.  The site prize, our prize for the winner, will consist of items that have been given to us by the Dolphins such as media guides and gameday programs as well as other items.

Once these leagues are full, or if interest in them is more than I have accounted for, other leagues may be created to accommodate as necessary.  No money will be due in the pay leagues until the league is full.