Miami Dolphins Talking Contract With Kyle Orton


There are a lot of rumors out there that have the Miami Dolphins talking with the agent for Kyle Orton about a new contract.  Which means the the Dolphins would have a deal likely in place with the Broncos.  Orton is not a free agent and therefore Miami can not be talking to him without permission from Denver.  Over on the Sun-Sentinel, Omar Kelly points out that several teams, according to sources are talking with Denver and Orton.

I highly doubt it.

The reality is that suddenly Denver no longer has the full upper hand in a trade for Kyle Orton.  The teams that needed QB’s the most have addressed their needs or are the Miami  Dolphins.  Earlier today the Seattle Seahawks signed former Viking Tarvaris Jackson.  They were in play for Orton.  The Redskins are still finalizing their deal to send McNabb to Minnesota but it’s all but officially done.  The 49’ers are paying Alex Smith 5 million this year to run their offense and the Tennessee Titans have added Matt Hasselbeck.

That leaves Washington and John Beck, the Miami Dolphins, and Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals are gung-ho on Kevin Kolb of Philly and they are holding court to not cough up a player and a first round pick.  Philly will inevitably cave to that.  Why?  Because Kolb isn’t worth that much and they know it.  They can grandstand all they want but the Cardinals know they are not keeping Kolb and no other team is calling Philly to get him.  So this rules out Arizona and Kyle Orton.

The Washington Redskins say they are content with entering the season with John Beck, but in reality, it’s more likely that Mike Shanahan takes a flier on Vince Young when he is officially released tomorrow.  Orton isn’t someone who fits well into the Shanahan system but it’s not out of the question.  Just highly unlikely.

That leaves Miami as the only real team that would add Orton VIA trade.  So when you hear Orton is talking to other teams…not likely.

The Dolphins really could use the services of Kyle Orton, especially with so much uncertainty surrounding Chad Henne who will be a free agent in 2012.  Orton could become a starter in Miami and even if the team drafts a first round signal caller next year, the Dolphins will be fine waiting a year to let him develop.  Orton wants a chance to compete and Miami is the only team truly left in the NFL that can offer that.