Season Starts, Trades Fly but will Orton?


Speculation.  It is the meat and potatoes of NFL Football these days in light of

the exciting signing period.  So let’s talk.

Kyle Orton to Miami?  I don’t think Ireland has the balls to carry through with this.  And this would right now require compensation to Denver PLUS a large salary such as $10 million per year and a signing bonus to boot.  Obviously, this is the pay of a starting QB.  But would require giving this to a guy who is leaving Denver because he is going to lose his starting job to Tim Tebow from last year’s Rookie league.  So how come Orton can now command so much money?  And yes, there are 1-2 other teams interested in paying him also so he may just pull it off.

Orton is a quality QB and has 7 years experience in the league.  He’s thrown lots of balls to Brandon Marshall including 10 TD passes just a couple of years ago.  Can he beat Chad Henne?  Well if Henne doesn’t seriously step up, then he definitely will beat Chad Henne.  Only 1 problem here: the Fins may give up the draft pick or picks and pay the high salary to Orton, but what if Henne ends up winning the QB battle and is the starter after-all?  Well, then it’s a loser again on the trades side for the Dolphins.

So this is a gamble.  And I’m gonna tell you right now that Sparano and Ireland must gamble because if they don’t turn things around this year there will not be a next year for them in Miami.

So that’s the score and it involves the QB position a lot.  If they go with Henne and he fails and there is no backup plan, say goodbye to Sparano & Co.  It really is that simple.  Because even if everybody else produces on this team there will not be success and any real playoff hope without a successful QB at the helm.  And don’t look for any late-season trade possibility either.

Understood that Ireland has supposedly “cleared-off his schedule for today” to obtain Orton.  We’ll see….

And what happens if they do get Kyle Orton in Miami?  They still have serious player needs such as at Running Back.