Is Bush The Right Answer Or The Flashy One?


The Miami Dolphins are closing in on a deal for Reggie Bush.  If they make the trade, it’s assumed that they will send New Orleans a 5th, 6th, or 7th round pick.  They still have to agree to a deal with Bush on a new contract.  As I sit here, I can’t help but wonder if Bush is really the best option for the Miami Dolphins or just the flashy one?

Reggie Bush has talent, there is no denying that.  But he has yet to fully utilize that talent on a team that has, won the Super Bowl, and has a coach that is highly respected by his players.  Not to say that Tony Sparano doesn’t command respect but winning brings out he best in mediocre talent and especially in mentally challenged talent.  Reggie Bush has some mental hiccups.  No he is not medically a problem, but some question whether football is his top priority.

For all of Bush’s talent, he simply didn’t perform in New Orleans up to expectations.  If he had, he would have started.  If he had, the Saints would not have spent a first round pick last April on a replacement.  If he had, he wouldn’t be negotiating down his contract but instead negotiating a longer deal with the Saints. If he had, if he had, if he had.

Reggie Bush is however, a name.  A bright flashy neon sign.  His history with USC and the Heisman trophy is as remembered as his video acting talents with Kim Kardashian.  His NCAA investigation and subsequent order to return the Heisman, as covered as his breakup with the California celebrity.  Following last seasons failure of the Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross vowed to ignite the team.  Vowed to give the fans some excitement on the field.  Ross said that doing something over and over again when it fails is the definition of insanity.

So it makes perfect sense that Bush would be atop that wish list of flash.  Because he certainly has it.

When I look at the other players available at the RB spot, I see names like Darren Sproles.  A speedy productive flashy player without the big time name recognition.  I see Kevin Smith from Detroit.  A productive pass catcher out of the back-field with a lot of speed.  I see Ahmad Bradshaw with the chops to catch and run but more expensive…maybe.

So I ask myself, is Reggie Bush the right answer for Miami’s offense, or the right answer for Miami’s boring image?  If he is the answer to the first, fans will love Reggie Bush and Reggie Bush will love playing in Miami.  If he is the latter, Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross are going to lose a lot more than season ticket sales.