Miami Dolphins Denver Broncos Play A Game of Chicken


It looks like by all indications that the deal that would send Kyle Orton from the Denver Broncos to the Miami Dolphins is dead according to many of the “insiders.” However, they all say that this could change at any minute and John Elway even said it’s and hour by hour situation. The rumors are Denver wants a second and possibly a third for Orton and Miami is only willing to give up a 4th. Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald mentions that you also have to throw Orton’s contract demands into the scenario. Orton wants starter money and Miami wants him to come in and compete with Henne for the starter’s job. Ok, well that’s the approach Miami is taking anyway. We all know that if Miami does make the trade that Orton is the starter. Sparano has shown he has no confidence in Henne and how many times in the off season did Ireland follow up any talk of Henne as the starting QB with “for now?” 

So what we have is a high stakes stare down with draft picks and millions of dollars on the line. Whoever blinks first could be the big loser, or could they? Denver is over the salary cap and Orton’s $8.8m payout this year is part of that factor.Ireland is betting on the fact that Denver will have to cut him next Thursday and there are really no teams left looking for a starting QB. Denver could also take the approach as Orton is an asset and make room under the cap to keep him and wait to see if a starting QB goes down before week six and maybe a team will be willing to give a second.

Ireland is sticking to his guns and if the Orton deal falls through they will probably reach out to Mark Buldger, Jake Delhome, or Derrick Anderson to come in and be the veteran back up to Chad Henne and let this be Henne’s make or break year as this is the last year of his rookie contract. If Henne plays well, that’s great for Miami, if he doesn’t then there is no secret what Miami’s top priority will be going into a QB heavy draft in 2012.

Personally I think the deal for Orton will get done no later than Monday. I think both sides could squint a little and Miami maybe ups the offer to a 4th that could turn into a conditional third and possibly a player like Phillip Merling. Ireland will work out contract details with Orton that will make him a middle of the road paid starting QB that could escalate if he reaches certain incentives. Orton may not be a top 5 or 10 QB in the NFL, but I do believe he is a top 15 with the possibility to put up top 10 numbers with the right personnel and the right scheme around him. Miami seems to have the makings of the right personnel and Daboll looks to be running a similar offense to what McDaniels ran inDenver when Orton put up the best numbers of his career, oh yeah and throwing to Brandon Marshall. So hold on to your lug nuts Dolphans, it’s time for an overhaul.