Last MMU player Bio


Finally but by no means least is a bio of Lewis Potts, a youth defensive end who we converted to MLB for our 3-5-3 defense who was real leading light last year, and we expect big things from him this coming season.
Lewis Potts
D.O.B 03/10/1990
Home Town Derby
Height 6’3”
Weight 16st 11lbs
Position MLB
Why American Football?
I guess I was kind of born into it. My dad played for many teams, and also captained the North of England in a couple of games. He also played Middle Linebacker, and wore the 54 shirt too. I went to a team in Sheffield when I was around 12, but at that age you can only play flag football in this country for some strange reason. So I sacked it off and continued playing Rugby Union, which I’d been playing since the age of around 8. After my dad retired from playing, he then went on to coach several teams too, the most successful being the Doncaster Mustangs, where he took them to promotion in two consecutive seasons, and then onto win the Britbowl in his third season there. As soon as I hit 16 years old, I went straight back to the Sheffield youth team, as this is the legal age for kitted football in the UK. After having played rugby for around 8 years now, having a set of shoulder pads and a helmet made me feel invincible. Since then, I’ve never looked back!
What you enjoy most about playing?
This is a tough one. I love that it is a team sport, but within that team, there are individual units, such as the O-line, Linebackers, DB’s etc, and within those units, there are individual positions. Essentially it is a team sport played by 11 individuals all doing their job, and I love the way that American football gets all those 11 players working together towards a common goal. The bond created between men playing American football is greater than any other I’ve experienced yet. However, the thing I love the most, especially as a Middle Linebacker, are the collisions. The sound, the feel of the pads and helmet clashing with each and every big hit. The feeling you get when you smash a quarterback after a blitz and drive him into the floor, or when you make a technically sound tackle on a running back who is particularly good at evading tackles. I like to picture it as a one on one battle with the person on the opposite side of the pitch, and I LOVE to win.
What you get from it?
There is so much to be gained from this sport. I find if I don’t get my fix of midweek training, or my game at the end of the week for whatever reason, then I am in a horrible mood for the week to come. It brings a great sense of satisfaction, in so many different aspects of life. The day after a game, when you’re semi-paralyzed, covered in cuts and bruises, but still managed to gain the win: there’s no better feeling than that. But like in every aspect of life, you gotta take the rough with the smooth, and accept the loss’ and learn from them.
The NFL lockout and how it affects you being English?
If I could say one thing to the players it would be this: People all over the world play this sport for the LOVE OF IT. I understand it’s their way to make a living, and it is a business to many people, but these guys are role models to many people, and right now, they’re not setting a particularly good example by arguing over money and whatever else.

Obviously the NFL is back and next week I’l be giving a little histroy highlight starting with all the new signings the Dolphins have brought on board!