Miami Dolphins Dump Tim Dobbins, JT Not Making A Splash?


The Miami Dolphins held a public practice tonight at their Sun-Life Stadium, complete without infield dirt.  Fans cheered, to some degree when Jason Taylor was shown on the jumbo-tron, and booed when Chad Henne threw a bad pass.  Booing wasn’t enough however as many fans of the 10,000 plus in attendance felt the need to chat “We want Orton“.  Nice class.  Of course it’s not the first time that Henne heard chants from Miami fans for another QB.  Last season it was Tyler Thigpen who’s name was called.

Chad Henne may never be anything but back-up QB but he still deserves better than that.  Period.  This is Miami, not New York!

Speaking of New York, Jason Taylor is back with the Dolphins if you didn’t know.  He said that both the Jets and the Dolphins had called him about joining their teams.  He said that there was no hard feeling once he received a call from Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland.  Also said that he knows his role and that is not as a starter.  He did however say that the “New York fans” embraced him.  Good for you JT.

He also said that if Bill Parcells was still here he would not be.

I haven’t watched the entire press conference so I won’t speculate on how he came across.  The wife is off work tomorrow so it’s likely not going to be viewed until Wednesday.  Of course, I’m not sensing that the Dolphins scored this great pick-up today with the announcement of JT’s signing.  Sentimentality aside, which there really isn’t much of, I simply don’t see outside of educating the likes of Koa Misi and Cameron Wake where his value to the team truly is.  Unless the Dolphins still believe that he can dump Tom Brady on his ass twice a year.  Taylor is now a situational player who will take snaps and likely a roster spot from someone who could greatly benefit from it.  Of course this is simply my own opinion and frankly I fully expect to be called quite a bit of names because of it.  That’s a risk you take when you express your opinion.

The other news today is that Miami has parted ways with Tim Dobbins who last season had 3 million of his contract guaranteed to restructure.  The Dolphins will save 1.5 million this year by releasing him.  The Dolphins simply never received what they thought they were buying when they made him part of the trade that swapped picks with San Diego two seasons ago.

Dobbins was unable to beat out Channing Crowder, something that I had predicted would happen by week four last year.  But since I also predicted in our live chat last week that Jason Taylor would be joining the team before the end of training camp, I will consider it a push.

Speaking of “push”, the Dolphins gave RT Vernon Carey the night off for what they call personal reasons.  Leading many in both the media and the fan base to speculate what that reason may be.  Earlier today the Dolphins announced they had signed tackle Marc Colombo who started at RT for the Dallas Cowboys.  Speculation has run from he was waived to he has been asked to take a pay cut.  Guess we will know soon enough.  My guess, he was asked to restructure and is taking it under advisement and will give his answer tomorrow, which is the teams day off.  This would explain his absence from the practice.  You don’t want a guy getting hurt after you ask to take a pay cut before he says yes.

To replace the spot on the roster vacated by Dobbins’ release, the Dolphins signed un-drafted rookie free agent OLB Mark Masterson.  The move leaves the Dolphins with AJ Edds as the primary back-up at the ILB spot.  Over the weekend the Dolphins added Kevin Burnett from the San Diego Chargers.