Pre Preseason Rankings


Now that the NFL free agency period has settled down a little and we know where most of the good players have gone, I thought it would be fun to rank where all the teams currently stand in the NFL.  I’m fully aware that no team has played one snap this year, and these rankings will surely change in time when injuries mount, final additions are made to each team, final cuts are made, QB battles get settled…….you get the picture.

These rankings in no way reflect the views of, they reflect the views of me, no one else.  I’m going to count down from 32 to 1 to add to the suspense, and no I’m not going to be a ridiculous Miami homer and rank them number 1, I’m going to be real with my opinions, some of you will agree, most of you will not, so without further adue, here comes numbers 32-26.

No. 32 Cincinnati Bengals

Even if Carson Palmer decides to stick it to the owner and show up, just so he can collect, the Bengals are going to suck.  They lost their best corner in Joseph, their best WR in Ochocinco, Pacman may soon be sent packing by Roger Goodell, Cedric Benson once again found trouble this offseason, the list goes on and on.  They seem ready to start the Dalton/Green era in Cincy, and growing pains will be plentiful this season, especially playing in the AFC North, think those defenses will go easy on them because they are rookies?  I didn’t think so, be ready for another long year in Cincy.

No. 31 Seattle Seahawks

Is it just me or does Pete Carrol seem like a hippy who’s just glad to be alive?  “It’s cool man, we’ll just get TJax to replace Matthew and overpay Sidney so he’ll have someone to throw to………  Who cares that we shelled out a lot of money for Charlie last year, I had to because he had the whole Jesus look going on!”  Does anyone see this working?  The good thing for Seattle, they play in the worst division in football.

No. 30 San Francisco 49ers

I don’t want to plant any ideas, but what are the chances San Fran may tank this year to give Harbaugh a chance to re-unite with his college star Andrew Luck after this year?  I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin!  San Francisco will be competitive, and I think Harbaugh will succeed, but not in a year in which he had no chance of coaching his team until 2 weeks before preseason games.  Chalk this one up to the lockout, but San Francisco will struggle this year.  Crabtree is injured, Gore is upset over his contract, and once again Alex Smith is getting another chance from a new head coach, I think t