Pre Preseason Rankings

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Ok, I’m not sure what happened to my last post, but the article somehow got cut off about half way through.  I ranked teams 32-26 based off where I believe they stand now in the NFL.  Tonight I’m going to give you 25-16, and fill in the blanks from the teams that got cut off from yesterday’s article.

Before I get to that, I gotta express my opinion of what the Miami Dolphins have done this offseason.  With the recent and potential moves along the offensive line, I’m beginning to get more and more frustrated with some of the decisions being made.  I could see drafting a center, that spot has been a tough one to fill for the Dolphins since this regime took over the reins.  Now they have signed another tackle, and are in talks with yet another center.  What gives?  Was the line really the main problem with the offense last year?  Did the line cause Chad Henne to drop back, look around for a few seconds then dump the ball off?  Did the line cause the Ronnie and Ricky show to finally look like they were past their prime?  Did the line suddenly quit after they reached FG range over and over?  Did the line call dumb plays all the time?  No it didn’t!  Maimi did address some of those issues, but not to the extent I was hoping for.  The RB position was upgraded, but it sure would have been nice to add Ahmad Bradshaw with Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas.  I’m sure they could have had him if they really wanted to.  It also would have been nice to add Braylon Edwards, Malcom Floyd, Plaxico Burress, or heck even Randy Moss, to go along with Brandon Marshall.  I like Brian Hartline, but those guys are just better.  Oh yeah, I would have liked to see Miami take a shot at Todd Heap or Zach Miller too……..woulda, shoulda, coulda.  And to top it all off, we are still stuck with Captain Checkdown leading the offense.  Why did they not pull the trigger on the Orton trade?  Either Ireland and Sparano are not really on the hot seat this year, or they are willing to live or die with Henne.  Only time will tell, so let’s go to the rankings……