The Sound Coming From Miami’s Facility Is Crickets Chirping


The Miami Dolphins are still under the salary cap but have not made any recent moves outside the cutting of Tim Dobbins and his 1.5 million as well as asking RT Vernon Carey to trim what I hope to be a lot of fat off his 7 million dollar 2011 cap hit.  Aside from signing a rookie undrafted free agent LB named Mastereson, the only thing coming out of the Miami Dolphins facility in Davie, is the sound of chirping crickets.

And we wait.

News surfaced yesterday and again early this morning that the NY Giants are allowing Osi Umenyiora to shop his service, apparently now for a 2nd round pick and a shiny new contract.  Osi is a high-profile mover but despite a few who believe the Dolphins will show interest, it’s in their best interest to leave it alone and look elsewhere.

Then there is the Braylon Edwards shadow dangling over the fans nests.  Edwards is a available in a market that has slowed considerably in the last four days.  He is big, strong, and would likely love nothing better than to play against the Jets twice  a year.  But Edwards comes with legal and personal baggage and an attitude that could derail not only a team but a season.  Throw the uncertainty of Chad Henne into the equation and your looking at a pot that would boil over in days not weeks.

The Dolphins have reached out to NY Giant center Shaun O’Hara but no decision has been made there.  They signed Marc Columbo to challenge Carey and have also talked to guard Leonard Davis as well.  Both would surely shore up a deficient offensive line that sees last year number 3 pick John Jerry out of shape and working on not having a job.

The Phins need to look at the safety position, interior LB depth with the chopping of Tim Dobbins, outside backer help…sorry Jason Taylor is not an actual answer to that hole, another running back which could end up being Ricky Williams in this unbelievably slow runners market, and of course QB.  Wouldn’t be a bad idea to look at TE either but Tony Sparano says he likes the dynamic of his TE’s right now.

With the Kyle Orton trade dead the Dolphins would have to look elsewhere for the signal caller and there simply isn’t anything enticing out there unless they tried to trade with Pittsburgh for 3rd stringer Dennis Dixon, who some fans think would be a good move.  There is also John Kitna, no he hasn’t retired yet.  The well pretty much dries up there.  Earlier today Marc Bulger announced he was retiring.

But fear not, if Tom Brady can play the game at 34 then Daunte’ Culpepper can.  Culpepper wants to get back into the NFL and is looking to teams that need QB’s.  To which I simply say, “please no.”

For now though, that’s about it.  It’s quiet in Miami.  From a team that rarely, if ever, makes a sound, it’s still quite deafening.