Hauze Opinion: Here We Go Again!


When I was in college, back in the 70’s, I lived about 70 miles away from a major metropolitan area.  In my dorm room, it was very hard to get good TV reception.  My roomate was always screwing with the rabbit ears on the TV trying to get a good signal.  The problem was that we often missed an entire TV show because he was too busy screwing with the rabbit ears.  And, this routinely happened show after show after show.

Well, here we go again!  It is that time of year for Tony Sparano to do the same thing with the Dolphins offensive line.  He tries this way and tries that way — let’s see if we can get the absolute best make-up.  This year, Tony drafts Mike Pouncey to be the starting Center.  What is the first thing that Tony does?  He brings in a center, of course, to check him out — Shaun O’hara.  Well, that did not seem to be a good idea.  Oh, I know, let’s try Marc Columbo, former Dallas Cowboy, at right tackle and move Vernon Carey to right guard.  And, we’ll sign Micah Kia, tackle from UCLA.  But, how about trying John Jerry at left guard?

Let’s move those rabbit ears around to get a better signal.

What’s the latest?  The Dolphins Official website announced today that they have signed Ray Willis and waived Micah Kia — boy, Kia only lasted a week.  Willis is is 6-6, 304 pound tackle.  He was drafted out of Florida State in 2005 by Seattle in the fourth round and since has played in 44 career games with 26 starts.  He missed all of last year because of a knee injury — oh great!  But, let me repeat myself … he is a 304 pound tackle.  And, I thought Tony likes to get big boys, especially at tackle.  304 pounds?  What in the hell is going on here?

Let’s move those rabbit ears around to get a better signal.

I know, maybe we should resign Pat White and put him at left guard?

Dear Mr. Sparano … The Dolphins went into this off season needing help on the offensive line — especially at guard.  I know there was a lockout.  But, earlier this year, you said that you were NOT going to screw around with the offensive line!  You said you were going to pick five guys and let them bond.  So, please … pretty please … STOP IT!  Stop screwing around with the offensive line.  Pick five guys and let them bond.  PLEASE!  Listen to your own advice and stop it for the good of the team!  We don’t have time, this year,  for this BS! 

Gene Hauze