Miami Dolphins’ Brandon Marshall Catches Three


The Miami Dolphins held an official intra-squad scrimmage yesterday.  Refs and all.  The team ran situation drills under full contact.  Each QB took reps throughout the scrimmage but none shined more than Chad Henne.  Henne hit Brandon Marshall for 75 yards and three touchdowns, one from 29 yards out.  After the scrimmage Henne talked about how he and Marshall spoke before the practice game and worked on getting on the same page.  Something he says they haven’t done much of in previous practices.

While that might all sound good and it may get the juices flowing a bit for the regular season, it was and remains a scrimmage.  No one is going out there to kill the other guy.  For the Dolphins, that will occur next weekend when the fly to Atlanta to take on the Falcons.  So why bring it up at all?  Brandon Marshall of course.

The story here isn’t that Marshall caught three touchdowns or the fact that he and Henne were on the same page.  As I said above it’s a controlled practice/scrimmage.  The story here is that Marshall has indeed fully recovered from his off-season incident with his wife and the broken glass.  Regardless of what happened at Marshalls’ home this past summer, he did spend time in ICU with a severe laceration in his stomach.

Marshall missed most if not all of the player organized workouts conducted by Chad Henne and Jake Long.  He came to terms with his mental health as well after being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.  Still questions and concerns about his recovery were rightfully an issue.  No one had seen him for most of that time aside from him running sprints on a treadmill.

For most of the week long training camp, Marshall has been relatively quiet but yesterday, he displayed the talent that the Dolphins invested two second round picks on.  The fact that he caught three touchdowns and 75 yards is a good indication that Marshall has recovered fully from his incident and is ready to get back to football without lingering issues.  The fact that for one day, he and Chad Henne appeared to be on the same page is the bonus.  If the two can continue to communicate, then perhaps they will turn a very important corner.