Miami Dolphins 3rd Quarter Live Updates


The third quarter has started and the back-ups are in. Carolina gets the ball first with Jimmy Clausen opening the series.

3 and out.

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Another 15 yard penalty on Carolina for hitting a player out of bounds. Their second of the game. In comes Matt Moore after the commercial break.

I will only be covering the 3rd quarter tonight…FYI.

Dolphins open second half on the ground. Two consecutive runs by Daniel Thomas. Thomas gains 10 yards on those carries. Fins hand it to him again for 5 on first down. Another on 2nd and 5. 13 carries on the night and another first down.

Moore drops back and rolls to his right…nothing downfield so he runs for two yards.

Kory Sheets in the game…he gets 6 on his first carry. 3rd and 2.

3rd and short and they stuff Sheets for a loss of one. Bad block Pouncey I believe. Coulnd’t really tell. Carpenter hits from 44 yards out to increase the lead to 20.

Miami defensive back-ups are back on the field. Carolina has the ball on their 35. 2nd and 9…big run by some guy named Vaughn for a first down.

Another run by Vaughn for about 12…called back on a hold.

2nd and 20.

David Clowney on a long pass over rookie Jimmy Wilson to the 10…called back on another Panther hold.

The Panthers are going to punt but this was not a win for the Dolphins defense. The Panthers comitted two big holding penalties that wiped out big gains. Both holds were away from the play.

Matt Moore goes deep on first down and over throws Clyde Gates. Couldn’t tell how open he was as they didn’t show a replay and the bradocast didn’t show the ball downfield. It’s a Panther broadcast…LOL

WOW…one helluva throw by Matt Moore into coverage to Marlon Moore. Marlon was covered tight and the ball just got in on Moore in full stride for about 15 yards and a first.

ANOTHER FALSE START…there is no excuse for home game false starts.

Long ball from Moore to Moore…hits Marlon in stride at the 15…perfect pass and Marlon drops it at the 10. Easy touchdown blown. Great touch on that pass.

3rd and 15 pass four yards short of first down. Phins punt. Ball rolls out of bounds at the 19. Punt could have been better.

About ready to wrap up the updates for the night…1:25 left in the 3rd and Carolina is moving the ball. I will finish out this drive before calling it quits.

Panthers have the ball at their own 40 for a first down. It’s their first 3rd down conversion of the night.

Clausen flushed out of the pocket on 1st down scrambles to the line of scrimmage and gets the ball out the TE who levels cornerback in coverage.

End of the quarter.

Bad snap on first down and the Panthers lose 4. Gain back 4 on second down on the ground. Flats pass on third down results in a first down.

I like watching AJ Edds play. He is good at making his reads…reminds of John Offerdahl…a lot. Dolphins stuff the running game on first down.

Good coverage by Rashad Jones on a quick out pass. Resulted in no gain. 3rd and 11.

Edds with the stop in coverage. Kept runner in front of him and made contact when ball arrived. Gain of about 5. Olindo Mare…yes that same Mare…ends the scoring drought for the Panthers and out goes the Dolphins shutout.

With that, it’s a wrap for the night. Have a great evening and GO MIAMI! Only two more meaningless games and the season begins.