Miami Vs. Carolina Live Game Updates


Well, after trying to get my keyboard to pair with my iPad, the first quarter is over. If you are taping the game to watch later, don’t read any further. I will be using this as a Live game blog tonight.

Feel free to discuss the game either in our forum or in our comments section below. Regular season games will be covered in our live game chats…except week 2 as I will be in Miami for that game.

So, on to the first quarter!

The star of this show tonight has been Reggie Bush. Bush appears to seriously want the job of featured back and so far his night is showing why he should be considered. Bush has run the ball up the middle and has caught the ball in the flats. More importantly, he is running with conviction.

The offensive line play is vastly improved over last week. The Dolphins ran 19 plays for 120 yards compared to Carolina’s 8 plays for 40.

Chad Henne – Henne was on target for all but two pass plays and looked solid in the pocket. He was able to move around and buy time and ran the ball for 10 yards to pick up a first…it was brought back on a penalty but he should good field of vision. He is also looking over the field making his reads and is not simply dumping off immediately.

He and Brandon Marshall seem to be on the same page as well. However, once again, his deep ball comes into question as he missed a wide open Brian Hartline on the one yard line. His pass just out of bounds and out of reach.

The disappointment thus far has to be Daniel Thomas. Thomas simply runs too high. He fumbled the ball on the one yard line and a penalty on Carolina wiped it out. He also failed to get into the endzone on two consecutive runs from the one. He was replaced by Lex Hilliard on 3rd down. Hilliard failed to cross the plane as well. The Dolphins went for it on 4th down and took a 7 point lead on the Hilliard carry.

Continue to the next page as I update you on the 2nd quarter…Chad Henne is still in the game.

Quarter 2:

The Dolphins are moving again. Reggie Bush is playing lights out tonight. Another long run called back on a blocking penalty on Brandon Marshall.

Henne – On third down, Henne threw the ball to Davone Bess 4 yards shy of the marker…they went for it on 4th down and Henne misses Brandon Marshall on the slant. It was a quick hit and Marshall got tangled off the line…not a good pass either and it looked like Marshall expected the ball on him instead of out in front on the run.

Defensively – The Dolphins are swallowing Cam Newton. They are maintaining their lanes and their assignements for containment. Newton does look good in his passing. On target and shows a lot of poise for a rookie. Dolphins doing a good job keeping him out of rhythm.


Henne Still in the game with 7:48 left in the 2nd.

Ugly…Ugly…Ugly…pass. Henne misses Clyde Gates down the sideline about 20 yards down field…tight coverage but a wobbler that fell about 5 yards short.

Henne follows that up with a 20 yard completion to Davone Bess for a first down.

And then Henne rears his ugly head. Clyde Gates was open by about 8 yards at the 10 yard line. Henne overthrew him by at least 10 yards. His long ball needs a lot of work.

Another drop by Fasano that should have been caught…but it wasn’t picked…brings up 3rd down and 10.

WOW…very good throw on 3rd and 10 and a better catch by
Davone Bess. Ball was a little high by got Bess in stride.

Finally get to see Daniel Thomas hit a 7 yarder…he still makes me nervous…I don’t like the way he holds the ball…get used to fumbles this year if he can’t get both hands around it while he is running.

4:41 left, Miami has the ball on the 29 yard line. 2nd and 6. Announcers just said the Phins have over 200 yards on offense already.

A penalty by Carolina advances the ball for a first down on a Chad Henne scramble…guess what…he got positive yards and was taken down while in the slide instead of behind.

With 3 minutes left in the half, the Dolphins have already run 47 plays. They have 7 points to show for it.

On 3rd down, great job by Henne to avoid the blitz. He got outside and threw to the endzone on the run just missing a tight completion to Lex Hilliard down the sidleine. Dan Carpenter makes it a 10 – 0 lead.

I would have more on the defense but hell they have hardly been on the field tonight.

Cam Newton’s favorite target is Greg Olsen by far. Burnett just dropped…and I mean dropped an INT. Ball a little high but he had both hands on it. Nice coverage though.

Miami D is all over the Panthers tonight. Gang tackles and they are forcing the plays inside from the outside. Very good containment. Another 3 and out.

Henne still in to finish off the half.

2 minute warning. I would give anything for Henne to play like this when the season counts. Just avoided pressure AGAIN and hit Fasano about 20 yards downfield with a perfect but wobbely pass. And guess what…Fasano caught it!

Henne is looking very very sharp tonight…but I keep waiting for him to screw up.

I have to say this, although Henne is having a good game, the offensive line is much improved over last week. They are giving Henne time to make plays and make his reads. They are also opening up holes for the runners. But this has been a pass happy attack tonight.

WOW…where the hell did Henne get legs? Just scrambled for about 15 yards to the 4 yard line…tried to take the corner to the endzone too….Impressed!

And there is Daniel Thomas from 4 yards out to make the score 17-0! Nice freaking drive MIAMI!!!

With 1 minute left, Henne’s stats – 15 of 24 for 190 yards, no picks, no TD’s. Bout 20 yards on his legs as well.

Defense finally bends a bit on a screen pass that gives up about 15 yards.

Third and 10 for Carolina. Newton scrambles for about 7 yards to bring up 4th down. 3 seconds left in the half. Going to go with the hail mary.

Newton is 7 – 13 for 66 yards.

Hail Mary short and Miami drops the gang jump for the INT…ball falls to the ground to end the half.