Fantasy Football Power Rankings Part 2


Welcome to the second part of my fantasy football power rankings. Remember, these are not rankings designed to tell you who is going to finish where in the upcoming season. These are only rankings to tell you which teams have the most fantasy value on their rosters. Without further ado:

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15. St. Louis Rams

You have to love Sam Bradford this year. I am 100% buying this kid. As a rookie, Bradford came in and threw the ball 590 times, good for 3rd most in the NFL and nearly took a 1-15 team to the playoffs with a non-existent receiving core. He passed for over 3,500 yards and showed no ill-effects from his injury. I don’t see a sophomore slump coming for Bradford. The Rams went out and added Mike Sims-Walker, a strong possession guy who will fit in well in the new system. Keep your eye on Danario Alexander, a 6’5 receiver who, if he can stay healthy, can turn into Bradford’s best weapon. The rest of this unit is really difficult to predict. Danny Amendola led the league in red zone targets last season, but only caught three touchdown passes. Donnie Avery missed all of 2010 with an ACL injury, but can be the burner they need if he can get on the field and stay there. Austin Pettis and  Greg Salas were drafted to help out the receivers as well. It’s tough to predict who is going to be around when the season begins. In the backfield, once again it will be all about Steven Jackson. The great thing about Jackson is you know he is going to get the carries. There is nobody on the roster to poach goal line touches from him. He will get his touchdowns this year, as the offense has greatly improved. You just have to wonder when all the work and all the hits are going to catch up to Jackson, but he is no doubt a first rounder and somebody you can comfortably have on your team.

Who you should have: Sam Bradford, Steven Jackson, Mike Sims-Walker, Danny Amendola

Sleeper: Danario Alexander

14. New York Jets

Call me what you’d like, but if you draft Mark Sanchez, be prepared to watch him drag down your fantasy team. Sure, give him credit for his two playoff runs, but in terms of fantasy, he is not worth much. His accuracy is horrible (55% in 2010) and his 17 TD’s vs. 13 INT’s (which Jets fans know could have been MUCH higher if defenders held onto the ball) isn’t anything to write home about. The Jets run a pretty conservative offense as well, which limits the home run potential Sanchez has. The big play receiver you want out of this bunch is Santonio Holmes. Holmes has 4.43 speed and uses it when Rex Ryan allows him to. Even after missing the first four games of 2010, he still tallied over 700 yards and 6 TD’s. His hands have gotten much better since his time in Pittsburgh and is clearly Sanchez’s favorite target. It’s tough to say what Plaxico Burress has left after missing the last two+ seasons in jail. However, he is 6’5 and a great red zone target, so if he can regain some of his old form, you will want him on your team. He’ll be fighting ageless Derrick Mason for receptions. Mason is 37 and coming off sports hernia surgery, so there isn’t much there to get excited for. Dustin Keller isn’t a horrible option for your tight end, but he had the third-most drops among TE’s in 2010, so be careful. Many experts are pointing to 2011 as the breakout year for Shonn Greene, but remember LaDainian Tomlinson is still lurking behind him. LT will still steal most of the goal line carries away from Greene (LT led that category 11-3 last season), but expect Greene to get the brunt of the load. LT can’t have much left. As we all know, Rex Ryan preaches defense and has possibly the best player in football, Darelle Revis manning one of his corners. This will be a top 5 unit this season, so grab em and hold on.

Who you should have: Shonn Green, Santonio Holmes, Dustin Keller, Plaxico Burress, NYJ D/ST

Sleeper: Jeremy Kerley

13. New York Giants

Am I the only who believes that Eli Manning just doesn’t ever get the credit he deserves? Sure, he isn’t his older brother, but he has put up back-to-back 4,000 yard campaigns, throwing 58 TD’s during that span. My worry for this season is the offensive line, which lost two good starters in the off season. Either way, Manning still had Hakeem Nicks to throw to, a beast in every sense of the word. I believe this is the year Nicks joins the ranks of Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. He still had over 1,000 yards and 11 TD’s, while missing the first three games of the season. He and Manning obviously have a lot of chemistry together, as Nicks averaged a ridiculous 9.9 targets per game in 2010. Nicks won’t have to worry about too much extra attention either, as Mario Manningham will command attention down the field. I don’t believe the loss of Steve Smith is going to hurt the Giants too much. Watch for Jerrel Jernigan, the rookie from Troy who will more than likely step into the slot role. Last season, Ahmad Bradshaw ran circles around Brandon Jacobs and enjoyed a big year. Bradshaw tested the free agent waters but decided to stick with the Giants. Both will get their carries this season, but expect a 60-40 split in Bradshaw’s favor again. Both are worth owning, but Bradshaw is a #1 guy while Jacobs should be no higher than a #2. Also, keep an eye on that defense which ranked 7th in the league in 2010.

Who you should have: Eli Manning, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs, Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, NYG D/ST

Sleeper: Jerrel Jernigan

12. Baltimore Ravens

If you were a Ray Rice owner last year, I feel your pain my friend. And I know the feeling of wanting to pick up Willis McGahee and throw him off a cliff. But just remember, Rice just had over 1,700 all-purpose yards in 2010 and now does not have that pesky McGahee in the backfield to steal TD’s. Unfortunately, the Ravens did bring in our old friend Ricky Williams as the backup. I don’t see Ricky stealing TD’s at the rate McGahee did. Rice is poised for a big year in 2011. I expect to see his superb receiving numbers stay that way, and I believe his TD’s will increase. Draft him with confidence.  As for big Joe Flacco, he was my sleeper in 2010 and that didn’t quite work out. I think this year will be different however. With the additions of Lee Evans and rookie Torrey Smith, the Ravens added some speed to the outside, something they solely lacked last season, even with Anquan Boldin. Flacco will be out of excuses in 2011. If you are looking for a sleeper tight end, look at second year player out of Oregon, Ed Dickson. With Todd Heap gone, this is Dickson’s job to lose. We’ve all seen the success Heap had in this offense, it’s not out of the question to think Dickson could follow in those footsteps. While they aren’t what they used to be, as long as Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are on the field, the Baltimore defense is worth owning.

Who you should have: Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, Anquan Boldin, Lee Evans, Ed Dickson, BAL D/ST

Sleepers: Torrey Smith, Tandon Doss

11. Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo seems to fall under the same heading as Eli Manning, an undervalued fantasy guy. When healthy, Romo is a 4,000 yard, 30 TD guy. Key words in that sentence though are: when healthy. He missed all but five games last season with a collarbone injury. The good news? The collarbone isn’t an injury you need to worry about re-aggravating and Romo has a ton of weapons at his disposal this season. It’s tough to choose a winner when it comes to Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. Austin was on pace for over 1,500 yards last season before Romo went down. He has been in the top 5 in the league in yards after the catch the past two seasons. Unfortunately for Austin, Bryant is lining up on the other side of the field and has the type of talent that only comes around once in a blue moon. He is freakishly difficult to tackle in the open field and has excellent hands. He runs a 4.4. You just wonder if there is going to be a lapse in judgement by Bryant at some point that may cost him a few games. Either way, you can’t deny the talent. Both are players you want to plug into your lineup and keep them there. Jason Witten finished 2010 as fantasy’s #1 tight end. (Be aware that Jermichael Finley, Dallas Clark and Antonio Gates all suffered season-ending injuries.) You can count on Witten as a consistent starter week-to-week, but just know that most of Witten’s best games in 2010 came after Romo was injuried. Felix Jones seems poised to take over the starter role after the team released Marion Barber in the off season.  Jones gained 77 or more total yards in his final 8 contests of 2010, so obviously new coach Jason Garrett sees something in him he likes. Jones could be an unexpected fantasy stud this year.

Who you should have: Tony Romo, Felix Jones, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Jason Witten

Sleeper: Tashard Choice

10. Detroit Lions

Everybody’s favorite sleeper team, 2011 will fall on the shoulder (literally) of Matthew Stafford and whether or not he can stay healthy a full season. As with last season, everybody else’s value will also live and die with Stafford. When completely healthy, this entire offense can put on a clinic. The pieces are certainly there. Right now, draft Stafford as a high #2 with the possibility of a huge return of investment. Calvin Johnson is a freak of nature and (when healthy), is uncoverable. It doesn’t matter that the Lions don’t have many other receivers or that Stafford is constantly hurt, Johnson will get his numbers. He ranks right up there with Andre Johnson. Nate Burleson will line up opposite Johnson, and never hurts to have stashed. Burleson benefits from having defenses so keen on Johnson, he gets a lot of single coverage and can do something with it. He managed 6 TD’s last season and will sneak a big game in there every now and then. The Lions went out and drafted Titus Young to be the speedster. Can’t do anything with him right now, but keep an eye on him. Brandon Pettigrew is an interesting young player, who finished third among all TE’s last season in targets and receptions. He won’t get you a lot of TD’s, but he did manage over 700 yards and 4 TD’s in 2010. The backfield is all Jahvid Best’s, after Mikel Leshoure went down with a season ending injury in camp. Best has Jamaal Charles-like potential and has the ability to make defenders look silly. If Best can stay healthy (and that’s a big if), get ready for a breakout season. Watch this defense closely, with monster Ndamukong Suh and rookie Nick Fairley manning the line, if the secondary can get it together, that could be a scary unit.

Who you should have: Matthew Stafford, Jahvid Best, Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson, Brandon Pettigrew, DET D/ST

Sleeper: Titus Young

9. New Orleans Saints

You’re saying “the team with the 3rd best passing offense, how could they possibly only be the 9th best fantasy option?” Well it’s really quite simple. Drew Brees is a stud, obviously. Five-straight 4,000 yard seasons, back-to-back 30 TD’s seasons. Yes, grab him, and be happy. The problem with Brees is he spreads out the ball so well in his offense that you really have no idea who is going to get the ball in a given game. Marques Colston is the main target. As far as consistency goes on this team, Colston is as close as you are going to get. He has led the team in targets four of the past five seasons and is the favorite red zone target for Brees. Behind him however, it’s anybody’s guess. Devery Henderson, Lance Moore and Robert Meachem all will have their moments, but all will perform disappearing acts as well. Jimmy Graham, a basketball player at Miami, is the teams tight end and flashed tremendous athletic ability last season. His run blocking is a question mark, but there is no question that Graham has the skills to be a top tight end in this league. The running game ranked 28th in the league in 2010, which is why the Saints went out and drafted Mark Ingram in the first round. We know Ingram’s vision and footwork are unmatched, but we also know Sean Payton prefers a committee in the backfield, so it’s fair to say that Ingram, Pierre Thomas, Darren Sproles and Chris Ivory will all be battling for touches, and therefore it makes it difficult to recommend any one of them for your team. If I had to pick one, Ingram has the most upside. Remember, this is an offense that scores points in bunches, so don’t be too afraid to take a flier on any of these guys. As for the defense, the passing defense ranked 4th in the NFL last season, so don’t underestimate what they can do for your team as well.

Who you should have: Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Mark Ingram, Jimmy Graham, NO D/ST

Sleepers: Any of the other WR’s

8. Houston Texans

This ranking is exclusively for Arian Foster, who single handily won leagues for plenty of fantasy football nerds out there last year. For as bad as that defense was, the offense was that good. It all started with Foster, who rushed for over 1,600 yards and 16 TD’s. He has Adrian Peterson size and the holes he finds and the cuts he makes are incredible. He is helped by the fact that he is only 25 years old and doesn’t have any real competition behind him. The line in front of him is excellent and the fact that the Texans have Andre Johnson means any defense cannot focus exclusively on the running game. If he avoids the injury bug, Foster could have another huge year and is definitely worth the top pick in your draft. As mentioned, Andre Johnson is around and should be in line for another great year. 2010 was a “down” year for Johnson, who crashed hard during the fantasy playoffs. If I was a betting man (and I am), I’d put money on a return to form for Johnson in 2011, who should be fully recovered from his ankle injury. If you have a late first round selection, took a long look at Johnson. Who’s throwing the ball to him? That would be Matt Schaub, who is underrated and deserves consideration for your top spot. Schaub’s decrease in stats last season is directly related to Foster’s increase, which may flip-flop back this season with teams paying more attention to Foster. Outside of Johnson, Schaub has Kevin Walter, who is basically a do-everything receiver who will play decoy, block, and do anything else he is asked. Not a huge upside there. Jacoby Jones has more upside, as he has the speed and is still only 27, but his time is running out to break out. Owen Daniels was out for a lot of the season, but in his final four games, he led the team in targets and tied in receptions. Schaub likes to look for him in the red zone, so he certainly has top 5 potential.

Who you should have: Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels, Jacoby Jones

Sleeper: HOU D/ST

7. Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger is right on the cusp of being fantasy elite, but he isn’t quite there yet. Why? His injury history of course, and the amount of hits he takes. Either way, Roethlisberger is a big, tough quarterback who leads an offense that is capable of putting up plenty of points. If you miss out on the top tier guys, Roethlisberger is as good of a guy as you can grab. He finished 2010 sixth among all quarterbacks in fantasy points per game. Hines Ward is the spiritual leader of this team but it looks like time is finally starting to catch up with him. Last year, his 59 receptions was the lowest for Ward since 2000 and his 5 TD’s were his lowest since 2001. However, Ward will still get his chances and should not be forgotten about completely. Fast on his heels is up and coming Emmanuel Sanders, who could very well surpass Ward before the season is out. With teams focusing more and more on speedster Mike Wallace, Sanders has the chance to be the breakout star of this offense with his 4.4 speed. However, he is coming off foot surgery which is never good for a speedster. If Sanders falters, keep an eye out for Antonio Brown and newly-signed ex-Jet Jerricho Cotchery to step up and contribute. Heath Miller had a huge 2009 before coming back down to Earth in 2010. Miller was asked to stay in and help a beat up offensive line a lot in 2010, so if the line can stay healthy, Miller may be able to return to his 2009 numbers. He should be owned. Rashard Mendenhall is not sexy or flashy in any way, but he scored 13 TD’s last season, second to only Arian Foster in the NFL. The Steelers pride themselves on being a tough, pound it away football team, and Mendenhall will likely get most of the goal line carries. Watch for youngster Isaac Redman, whom the Steelers are very high on. If Mendenhall gets hurt, make sure to snatch up Redman as fast as you can.

Who you should have: Ben Roethlisberger, Rashard Mendenhall, Mike Wallace, Hines Ward, Heath Miller

Sleepers: Emmanuel Sanders, Isaac Redman

6. Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan may not air it out as much as you’d like, but the 28 TD’s vs. 9 INT’s certainly stands out for me. I think Ryan is underrated and should be started in any league. Roddy White led the NFL in targets and catches in 2010, but his yards per catch dipped to 8.8 and his yards-after-the-catch average fell to 3.3. That is why the Falcons went out and traded their entire draft to get Julio Jones. I’m not much for saying rookies are going to have a huge impact, but one thing Jones will do is take the double teams off of White. This Falcons offense is poised to be dynamic in 2011 and White could have a career year and very well may end up being the WR MVP. I also think Jones has enough talent to warrant a mid round selection as well. Tony Gonzalez is slowing in a big way, but the fact that the Falcons targeted him more than any other tight end in the NFL in the red zone in 2010 makes him valuable nonetheless. Michael Turner scares me a bit this season. He is 29 and fell apart in the final six games of 2010, breaking off only two runs of 16 yards or more. He has 728 touches in the past two seasons and he is reaching the line where many runners break down. Regardless, he still managed over 1,300 yards and 12 TD’s last season, so don’t write him off completely. Just make sure to be careful when you draft him and handcuff him with Jason Snelling. 

Who you should have: Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Jason Snelling, Roddy White, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez

Sleeper: Harry Douglas

5. Indianapolis Colts

I’m sure we have all heard the news, that the Colts have gone out and convinced Kerry Collins to come out of retirement. What does that mean? Well obviously the neck injury that Peyton Manning sustained is a bit more serious than anybody originally thought. Here’s the deal: This ranking is based on the theory that Manning will be back in a reasonable amount of time (four games or less). This offense is not the same without him and players shouldn’t be drafted as high if Manning will be out for an extended period of time. With that said, one player who will get a boost from the injury is Joseph Addai. Addai led a rushing attack that finished 29th in the league in 2010, but what do you expect with Manning on the field? Addai may see an expanded role if Collins if under center. Addai is not explosive in the least, but he is a good short-yardage back and will be on the field a lot because of his excellent pass blocking skills. Watch for Delone Carter to get some of the goal line work, especially if Addai struggles. The receivers are scary if Manning isn’t playing. Reggie Wayne caught 111 passes last season, but only saw five targets in the red zone and had a knee injury bothering him. He is 32-years old and may be slowly winding down. Austin Collie is a stud if he can avoid concussions. In only nine games last season, Collie caught 8 TD’s. Pierre Garcon struggled with drops last year, though he did manage to catch 5 TD’s in his final five games. However, Garcon underperformed in 2010 and you have to wonder if Manning’s confidence in him was shaken. Dallas Clark is an unstoppable receiver over the middle and Manning’s favorite target. He was on pace for a career year before his injury in 2010. He may be even more productive with Collins, who will probably prefer check downs and short passes to deep shots.

Who you should have (based on Manning’s health): Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon, Dallas Clark

Sleepers: Delone Carter, Blair White

4. San Diego Chargers

Time for Philip Rivers to start being talked about as one of the best fantasy quarterbacks options out there and why? Consistency. He has led the league in yards per attempt the past three seasons and has also thrown for over 4,000 yards in each of his past three seasons.  Even more impressive? His 4,710 yards last season came without Vincent Jackson for most of the season and without Antonio Gates for a portion of it. The Chargers offense flows through him and he is a fantasy gold mine. Speaking of Jackson, he is back and ready to make a large splash in the fantasy community. His combination of speed and size make him one of the best receivers out there, and Rivers likes to throw deep, so draft away. Look at Malcom Floyd, who stepped in enviably for Jackson last season, including a 213 yard effort vs. the Raiders in Week 5. He led the league with a 16.1 yard per catch average. His role might diminish a bit with the return of Jackson, but Floyd should still be drafted in all formats. I like rookie Vincent Brown, whom the Chargers drafted to immediately fill their slot role. Brown has been injured and has missed most of the past four weeks of practices, but he should get the chance to challenge Patrick Crayton. I shouldn’t need to say anything about Gates. Rivers loves him and he should be drafted and started in all formats. Owners who bought into the hype of Ryan Mathews being a first rounder were disappointed last season. He hurt his ankle early which allowed Mike Tolbert to come in and score 11 TD’s. However, Mathews looked stronger in his final game, rushing for 120 yards and 3 TD’s. Expect a split between Mathews and Tolbert again this season, but Mathews has more upside and could gain some steam as the season progresses. San Diego had the top defense last season, so draft accordingly.

Who you should have: Philip Rivers, Ryan Mathews, Mike Tolbert, Vincent Jackson, Malcom Floyd, SD D/ST

Sleeper: Vincent Brown

3. New England Patriots

Somehow, Tom Brady just keeps getting better and better. Without a deep receiving threat in 2010, Brady managed to win a unanimous MVP award and didn’t throw a single INT in his final 11 games. He threw for 36 TD’s and 3,900 yards. I keep waiting for him to falter a bit, to struggle, but it hasn’t happened yet and until it does, Brady deserves to be one of the first quarterbacks taken in your league. He makes everyone around him better, which is good news for Chad Ochocinco, who finally got out of the hellhole that is Cincinnati for brighter skies. Ochocinco’s value immediately skyrockets by having Brady throw him the ball, and he is now fantasy relevant once again. After catching 100 passes in each of his previous three seasons, Wes Welker only managed 86 receptions and less than 1,000 yards in 2010. Some of that could be blamed on the torn ACL he suffered at the end of 2009, but actually Welker dropped more passes (13) than anybody else in the league last season. Teams were able to pay attention to him once Randy Moss departed. Welker will still be reliable, but with so many other weapons on that offense, his numbers could continue to tumble. The rest of the offense is anybody’s guess, and I wouldn’t feel bad about drafting any of them. Deion Branch, Julian Edelman, Aaron Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski and Danny Woodhead all feature prominently into this offense and with Brady throwing, I wouldn’t bet against any of them. BenJarvus Green-Ellis leads the rushing attack. He enjoyed success in 2010, rushing for 1,008 yards and 13 TD’s, but just remember a lot of those stats came in garbage time, when the Patriots had large leads. If they are forced to play more close games in 2011, Green-Ellis’s value could drop.

Who you should have: Tom Brady, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Danny Woodhead, Chad Ochocinco, Wes Welker, Deion Branch, Aaron Hernadez, Rob Gronkowski

Sleeeper: Stevan Ridley

2. Green Bay Packers

The defending Super Bowl champs clock in at number two because of the man under center, Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers showed after losing his running back Ryan Grant in week 1 that he could still produce at a high level. He battled a bad offensive line and still managed to put up a useful (to say the least) fantasy season. Rodgers has also proved he could use his legs, rushing for 9 TD’s and over 600 yards in the past two seasons. Don’t forget though, Rodgers did miss some time in 2010 and if that happens again, don’t be afraid to grab Matt Flynn, who proved he could handle the load in Rodgers’ absence. His favorite target will once again be Greg Jennings, who had 17 red zone targets in 2010 and finished in the top 15 in both yards per catch and after the catch. Jennings is the number one guy in Green Bay and he should be on your roster. Ageless Donald Driver is on the other side of the field (for now, anyway). 2010 was his worst season as a pro, as a quad injury plagued him most of the year. Hot on his trail is both Jordy Nelson and James Jones. Jones has had problems with drops in the past; I think Nelson has the bigger upside and kind of broke out in the playoffs last year. Nelson will disappear in some games, but is a definite sleeper. Jermichael Finley has been working hard to come back (and for those of us who follow him on Twitter, we know) and is finally 100% after hurting his knee in week 5. Finley is a big guy but can move like a receiver and holds tremendous value in all leagues. Don’t let last year deter you, Finley is a forced to be reckoned with. After having a full year to recover, Ryan Grant is back and ready to go. Unfortunately for him, out of nowhere James Starks provided the Packers with a playoff spark last year, and will now be in the mix for touches. Grant is still the main guy, but watch for Starks. The defense is a scary unit, led by Charles Woodson and Clay Matthews, and they will be a top unit again this season.

Who you should have: Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Grant, Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, Donald Driver, Jermichael Finley, GB D/ST

Sleepers: Matt Flynn, James Starks

1. Philadelphia Eagles

This may bug some people, but I am all in on Michael Vick this year. Maybe I’m bias because he won me my fantasy league last year, but I don’t care. When healthy, there is not a more valuable fantasy weapon out there than Vick. Yes, I am aware of the injury concerns. But as last year proved, I’d rather have a healthy Vick for 12 games than I would anybody else out there for 16. In only 12 games, he managed 21 passing TD’s and 9 rushing TD’s. You can tell he is re-energized and he wants that Super Bowl badly. Vick very well might go first in your draft and if that happens, don’t laugh. As high as the risk/reward is on Vick, he could be the difference between winning and losing your league. Having Vick around means less carries for LeSean McCoy, but it doesn’t mean less touches. McCoy led all running backs in receptions last season and benefits greatly from having Vick under center. The Eagles did bring in Ronnie Brown, but us Dolphins fans know that Brown is on a downward sprial, so I wouldn’t worry too much about him. As far as big-play threats go, DeSean Jackson is probably the most consistent big play guy out there. Depsite catching only 47 passes in 2010, his 22.5 yard per catch average led the league. You will still have weeks where Jackson doesn’t produce, but he is a safer pick than Mike Wallace. And him and Vick do have excellent chemistry. Freshly-declared healthy Jeremy Maclin will be on the other side of the field. This is Maclin’s year to break out. He just missed 1,000 yards last season, but still caught 10 TD’s and was a favorite target of Vick in the red zone. Expect over 1,000 yards in 2011. Jason Avant is quietly a very solid third receiver for the Eagles, but he only caught 1 TD last season and isn’t much of a threat. Steve Smith will probably be a weapon when he gets healthy, but until we know when that is, don’t draft him. Brent Celek isn’t the threat he was in 2009, just because Vick doesn’t utilize his tight ends the way Donovan McNabb did. The Eagles also brought in Donald Lee who take away some of the red zone targets. Just remember, with Vick at the helm, this will be the most dynamic offense in football. The big signing of the offseason was of course Nnamdi Asomugha, who was brought in to shut down one side of the field. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was also brought in to help. This defense wasn’t horrible last season, but now they will probably be a top 5 unit.

Who you should have: Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek, PHI D/ST

Sleeper: Steve Smith

So those are my first annual fantasy football power rankings. I hope they are able to help you win your league or at least develop some opinions to make yourself sound knowledgeable. Let me know what I can do to improve them.