Recent Miami Dolphins Moves Not So Surprising


The Miami Dolphins made a couple of moves yesterday that had the web world buzzing.  The obvious move was the release of LB A.J. Edds.  Edds was released when the Dolphins added TE Dante’ Rosario and Ryan Cook to the offensive line.  Earlier in the day, the Phins claimed TE Will Yeatman off waivers from the Patriots which sent Frank Kearse packing.

It’s possible that Kearse will end up on the practice squad.  Edds will likely not clear waivers and Tony Sparano was non-committal about adding Edds to the PS if he does clear.

Lost in the news of Edds release was the fact that the Dolphins added a legit number two TE to the roster.  A pass catching TE who can start opposite Anthony Fasano in double tight end sets.  Rosario was surprised he was released by Denver where John Fox, his former coach in Carolina brought him in as a free agent.  Rosario isn’t going to put up gang busting numbers but he is a seam threat and should draw LB’s off the line in coverage.

Ryan Cook on the other hand is not the flashy Olineman that many felt the Dolphins needed to find.  He is not Shaun O’Hara or Leonard Davis.  He is however very versatile and can play all three line positions.  Guard, center, and tackle.  He started 7 games last year for the Minnesota Vikings.  Cook’s addition led to the release of back-up center/guard Joe Berger who was signed last year.  The move saved the Dolphins 1.5 million in cap space this year.  The team will be on the books for just over 100 grand.  Cook is not expected to challenge for a starting spot out of the gates in Miami.

Then there is A.J. Edds.  Admittedly, I am a fan of Edds.  Thought he played well this pre-season and looked to have recovered from his ACL injury from last year.  I was surprised, very surprised of his release.  Considering that the Dolphins still have Austin Spitler, who I do like, and Marvin Mitchell who I know little about.  I thought for sure that Mitchell would be gone.

As I pondered the move throughout the day, I decided to look back at the games over the last four weeks…my DVR was happy to have them finally deleted.  Edds made plays.  There is no questioning that.  The problem was that Edds made plays in the running game and not in the passing game.  I found him often out of position and playing catch up to some of the opposition TE’s.  The Dolphins specifically brought Edds in as a pass defender.  Tony Sparano stated yesterday that he simply didn’t have as much time to show what he had in comparison to the other nine linebackers on the roster.  He put Spitler above Edds because Spitler had all last year to develop.  Edds did not.  

I don’t buy it.  There is some rumblings that Edds knee was giving him some trouble and I would buy in that a little more.  The fact that Edds was struggling on passing downs was a bit of surprise and it makes sense as to why he may have been let go.  Put all three together and it paints a clearer picture.  Still, I can’t help but think that the team made a mistake here.

For those of you wondering about the five TE’s on the Dolphins roster…well consider that by the end of the week it’s likely that Jeron Mastrud will be gone.  The Dolphins can not go into the season carrying four TE’s on their 53.  It’s ridiculous.  Will Yeatman will have to be on the 53 for at least three weeks and Brett Brackens is on the practice squad.  It should also be noted that former TE Mickey Shuler who was listed as the camp number 2 TE was claimed off waivers by the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday and failed his physical.  So what we see on the outside isn’t always what is going on, on the inside.